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26 July 2024

The Commercial Farmers' Union of Zimbabwe Annual Congress 2024

Details to follow

Notice to Farmers:
Digitalization of Production Return Forms

Dear Farmers,

We are writing to inform you regarding the production returns form have gone digital, making the information collection process more efficient. Agricultural Extension Workers (AEWs) will now collect farm-related data using digital forms stored securely on the server. Farmers are encouraged to kindly visit the Agritex office in your area and request the AEW to collect the information on your farm. This process is in accordance with the Agricultural Marketing Authority Act (Chapter18:24), which mandates all A1 and A2 farmers to submit production returns.

Please note that the digital Production Return Form supersedes the 2022/2023 Production Form that was recently on the CFU Calling.

If you have any queries, please contact the CFU Economist [email protected]


The Commercial Farmers’ Union of Zimbabwe offers a diverse range of quality services to its members which include but are not limited to:

Labor Advice

The CFU has a Labor consultant committed to helping members with any labor inquiries.

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Crop Budgets

The CFU's Economist is able to provide Crop Budgets for members upon request.

Offer Letter and 99-year Lease Applications

The CFU can submit Offer Letter and 99-year Lease Applications to the ministry on behalf of our members.

In addition to these tangible services and benefits, the Union takes its role as a representative of farmers interests very seriously. The Union constantly advocates for an improved business operating environment for farmers. This could range from lobby for reductions in state levies and taxes to advocacy for the introduction of surtaxes on cheap low quality imported commodities. Successes in this regard do not only benefit members but all Zimbabweans.


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The CFU Calling is a soft copy newsletter/magazine sent out fortnightly to its large mailing list.


The recipients of this newsletter include large scale and intensive commercial agricultural producers both past and present as well as interested parties locally, but also internationally.


In this newsletter, companies, and individuals’ can market themselves through placing adverts of their choice.


NEC Wage Negotiations

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Useful Forms/Documents


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2023/2024 Membership Form

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2023/2024 Corporate Membership Form

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Offer Letter Application Form

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99-year Lease Application Form

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Joint Venture Form

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AMA Registration Form 2023

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Statutory Instruments

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Labour Amendment Act 11 of 2023

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ZESA Tarrifs ZiG/USD

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