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Boka tobacco auction floors open

Boka Tobacco auction Floors Open

Saturday, 26 March 2011 20:32

The tobacco-selling season, which has been experiencing hurdles, has kicked 
off on a better note following the resurgence of the Boka Tobacco Auction 

The reopening is set to increase buyers’ competition which would translate 
into favourable prices to farmers.

By Friday, a number of farmers, most of whom are A1 and communal farmers, 
had already besieged the floors in anticipation of better service and prices 
for their crop as Tobacco Sales Floor (TSF) had been the only option.

Statistics by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (Timb) show that by 
day 26 of the selling season, up to 433 073 kg of tobacco worth US$1 279 688 
had been sold at the TSF.

Most bales were selling at an average price of US$2,95 with the highest 
price being offered at US$4,55.

Chinese contractor TIAN ZE on the same day had sold 68 216 kgs worth of 
tobacco valued at US$ 235 055 at an average price of US$3,45.

Farmers’ payments were being processed at the Boka Floors and there was 
little activity in terms of spending that is usually characteristic of the 
new tobacco farmers.

Despite the decentralisation of bookings and registration procedures, a 
number of farmers have opted to travel to Harare, where they anticipate 
maximum returns on their crop.


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