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Farmer seeks $14 000 compensation

Farmer seeks $14 000 compensation


A Nyamandlovu farmer has taken his neighbour to court demanding over $14 000, after the latter’s cattle destroyed his vegetables and irrigation equipment.



Manfred Nhemachena of plot 3 Silverstream Farm, Nyamandlovu, filed summons against his neighbour Nkani Khoza of plot 4 Silverstream Farm at the Bulawayo High Court on March 20.

In his declaration of the claim, he submitted that in August 2017, Khoza’s 100 cattle strayed into his plot and damaged his crops and irrigation equipment valued at $14 533.

“Damage to plaintiff’s crops under cultivation amounts to $6 004,35,” reads the declaration.

“Damages to 1 336 plants of Daisy F1 tomatoes at maturity stage and 6 000 plants of same variety at transplanting stage amounting to $1 057,50, damage to 10 680 plants of spinach vegetables worth $159,60, damages to 68 040 plants of chaumolier vegetables worth $1 811,20, damage to 112 800 plants of rape vegetables worth $1 242, damage to 19 200 plants of Tsunga vegetables worth $288, damage to 6 408 plants of radish vegetables worth $1 020 and damage to 10 690 plants of onions worth $425,40.”

Nhemachena submitted that the crops in question were all under cultivation and at maturity stage, save for the 8 000 plants which were at transplanting stage and onions which were at a late vegetative stage.

“Plaintiff also paid $30 for assessment fees which were necessary to assess the nature extent and quantum of the aforementioned damage,” the declaration read.

“Accordingly plaintiff is entitled to payment in the sum of $14 533 being the combined amount of damages he sustained as a result of the aforementioned acts of defendant’s cattle. Despite demand, defendant has failed and or neglected to pay plaintiff the $14 533.”

Khoza is yet to respond to the summons.


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