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Farmers fear another drought this year

Farmers fear another drought this year

SOME farmers in Chirumanzu Ward 7 in the Midlands region have expressed concern over wilting crops due to lack of rains in the past month, raising fears of another devastating drought this year.


Farmers say the situation is becoming desperate, as there is no hope that meaningful rains will fall anytime soon.

Chinyuni farmer Felistas Chigumbu, said indications were that there would be a poor harvest because of lack of rains.

“The rains were erratic such that we don’t see us having a good harvest this season,” he said.

“This might be another drought in the making and given the economic situation the future looks bleak.”

Village head Fanuel Machinja warned villagers against selling  grain they have to avoid desperate situations where farmers end up with no food.

Machinja said some farmers were in the habit of trading their grain for basics like sugar, soap and cooking oil.

“As much as farmers want these basics, it is wise to keep the grain to avoid a drought disaster,” he said.

But area councillor Taruvinga Duvai said there would be some hope if rains fell this week, though he agreed most of the crops had wilted.

Duvai urged farmers to take advice from agricultural experts to grow drought resistant crops.

“This has been a daunting task for us. Farmers in our area resist growing drought resistant crops,” he said.


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