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Gukurahundi: Mugabe losing fight against history

30/04/2011 00:00:00
by Dinizulu Mbikokayise Macaphulana

ZIMBABWE, as we have known and experienced it, is coming to an end; not only 
an end, but a very sad one for those who insist that the genocidal 
absurdities and violet extremities of Robert Mugabe are normal and should be 

Consumed by its internal contradictions and attacked by its external enemies 
in the shape of survivors of Gukurahundi, victims of ethnic cleansing and 
its former friends in the African and larger international community, the 
genocidal tyranny in Harare is coming down tumbling from political grace to 
historical grass.

As sure as sunrise and sunset are tomorrow, Mugabe is, by the hand of 
historical gravity and the active agency and anger of his victims, tittering 
towards seeing the very ugly colour of his political and historical demise.

The observations that I posit to make in this article are not the easy 
rantings of a disgruntled journalist or emotional postulations of an 
extremist oppositional communicator. They are, in actuality, honest 
examinations of recent historical developments and candid  expressions of 
ensuing political events whose truism, accuracy and realism exists in the 
blood, flesh and bone realm that can been seen by one and all. And these 
observations are for record.

While Mugabe has so far enjoyed the comfortable and gentle “opposition” of 
Morgan Tsvangirai who, when he is not boycotting elections to let Mugabe win 
unopposed, is describing how Mugabe remains his hero, at last Mugabe is 
coming face to face with the very unhappy children of those he put into mass 

While Mugabe’s so far formidable opponents and critics like Nelson Chamisa 
have been shouting at him on top of desks but under the tables sending him 
romantic and admiring notes, at long last the aged tyrant is confronted by 
those he owes not only truth and justice but also blood. Mugabe himself and 
all serious observers of the Zimbabwean political theatre and its 
absurdities are very clear about these sobering realities.

One needs only to notice the undignified speed and unceremonious desperation 
with which Zanu PF mandarins led by Nathaniel Manheru are trying, on behalf 
of Mugabe, to unite Zimbabweans by mobilizing their memory of colonialism 
around the mass graves in Mount Darwin.

Their shameless pretence has been that the skeletons that lie in that grave 
are victims of the genocidal Rhodesian regime. Zimbabweans are being 
bombarded with horrific images of exhumed cadavers in an attempt to shock 
them into rallying behind Mugabe as a liberator and national protector.

In spite of the fact that it is known that those remains in Mount Darwin are 
remains of Gukurahundi victims that were abducted from Matabaleland and the 
Midlands , killed and buried in chosen spots in Moshanaland, the Nathaniel 
Manherus of our time will still try to use them as cheap Zanu PF propaganda.

What Mugabe and his mandarins know and are trying to avoid is that there are 
many in Matabaleland and the Midlands who will not have their memories 
jogged to the distant brutalities of Smith but are resolved to get justice 
for the recent genocide of Mugabe and Zanu PF of in Gukurahundi massacres.

The 2000 MLF cadres who recently burnt the Zimbabwean flag in Johannesburg, 
the Mthwakazi trio that Mugabe recently tortured and incarcerated Moses 
Mzila and Father Mkandla are just a small part of that generation that is 
tired of being afraid and silent. Mugabe, his army, police and intelligence 
will not stop this.

Now that the victims of Gukurahundi and survivors of ethnic cleansing are 
naturally becoming unafraid of Mugabe’s brutality and jails one only needs 
to watch the political and historical space for another Saddam Hussein 
scenario in Harare.

The people of Mashonaland might weep and be angry with Ian Smith about the 
gruesome images of skeletons from Mount Darwin; thanks to Mugabe the people 
of Midlands and Matabeleland are angry with Mugabe and about Gukurahundi.

The national sentiment and memory that Mugabe is trying to invoke is of a 
Zimbabwe that no longer exists as it was finished by the Gukurahundi 
genocide that divided the country into victims and non – victims. Mugabe is 
desperately seeking this now imaginary Zimbabwe when it is already too late.

The anger of the victims of Gukurahundi has reached boiling point in 
Midlands, Matabeleland and in the Diaspora. This happens at a time when 
Mugabe’s British friends who assisted him commit the Gukurahundi crime 
against humanity and knighted him in the order of Bath are no longer so fond 
of him to say the least.

This also happens at a time when Genocide Watch International as recent as 
2010 has declared Gukurahundi a major genocide warranting international 
attention. Therefore, that Mugabe is a cornered tyrant who has become 
vulnerable to his angry victims and those in the international community who 
are more than willing to assist them is a stingy underestimation.

The images of a dejected and humiliated Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast and 
his wife surrounded by their angry capturers should mean more to Mugabe than 
to any ordinary news viewer.

The 2000-strong so called apostolic sect members that Mugabe has settled in 
Gary Rosenfels’ farm in Marula are not civilians. They are a selection of 
soldiers, police officers and intelligence operatives and their families.

Most of them already have villages and land in Mashonaland, they are only 
being settled in Matabeleland South to dilute the Matabale language and 
sentiment, to influence elections and infiltrate the angry region 

Mugabe desperately wishes that Gukurahundi will be forgiven and totally 
forgotten; and, not only that, but also that Matabeleland itself does not 
exist anymore. These and others are the desperate doings of a drowning man 
who from a distance appears to be waving when he is sinking and sinking very 

Matabeleland will not cease to exist, Gukurahundi will never be forgiven or 
forgotten and the perpetrators will be punished by their victims and 
humanity. Mugabe’s attempts to erase the memory of the crime are a pathetic 
losing fight against history which is a herald of political and historical 
doom whose dramatics and spectacles will forever haunt posterity.

While Tsvangirai and MDC-T are praising Mugabe and passing laudatory notes 
to polish his genocidal ego, general Nandi Nandi, Welshman Ncube and Dumiso 
Dabengwa should breathe courage and inspiration into the youths that have 
started burning the false flag.

A courageous and visionary leadership block must be created that will fight 
the war against genocide and tyranny that Joshua Nkomo wisely or unwisely 
avoided and postponed. Africa and the larger international community are by 
ordinary observation ready to support those who confront tyranny by any 

Away with the tyrannical stigmatization that those Africans who align with 
Westerners to pursue their political and historical ends are sellouts. 
Junius Brutus, a philosopher, argued that “I would rather let a thief feed 
me than allow a supposed shepherded to devour me.” If our former colonisers 
and enslavers are willing to help us to solve genocide and access justice 
then God bless us.

Mugabe was armed by the British, trained by North Koreans and financed by 
the Chinese in conducting Gukurahundi, there is nothing unholy or sellout 
about victims of genocide forging their own useful alliances

As Mugabe and his admirers in the MDC-T continue to fight a losing battle 
against history and memory , the leaders of the victims of genocide and 
survivors of ethnic cleansing should be utilizing the African and 
international revolutionary opportunities that world history and nature have 
so generously occasioned at long last. Africa and the world must not be 
allowed to sleep peacefully, while a major genocide is swept under the 
Dinizulu Mbikokayise Macaphulana is a Zimbabwean journalist studying in 
Lesotho, [email protected]


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