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I lost $1m, under siege farmer says

I lost $1m, under siege farmer says


UNDER siege Beitbridge farmer Ian Ferguson says he has lost nearly $1 million in revenue, property and legal fees fighting the invasion of his Denlynian Farm.


The safari farm was invaded in 2013 and Ferguson’s spirited efforts to protect the sanctuary have come unstuck as political heavyweights from Matabeleland South are reportedly behind the mayhem at the property.

Ferguson said invaders led by top government officials had looted property, wantonly killed game and cost the wildlife conservancy thousands in lost revenue.

According to correspondence seen by Southern Eye, last month the desperate farmer made an impassioned plea to police to help restore rule of law on the property.

“It is a matter of recorded and documented fact that the multitude of crimes have been committed by the violent invaders, this involving assaults on the company staff and their families, the massive theft of assets, the stripping of the properties of firewood and the slaughter of the wildlife and the loss of trading (safaris cancelled) amounting to over a $1 million over the past 14 months,” Ferguson said in a letter to the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

“Except for two prosecutions and convictions in recent months, the police have displayed a total lack of professionalism and impartiality and in fact, displayed blatant partisanship in favour of illegal invaders.

“It is a matter of fact as well that if the invaders make a report to the police about our company staff, always fabricated lies, the police are out promptly in force and on two occasions locked them in police holding cells overnight.”

Ferguson said for example in February invaders broke into the safari lodge and stole crockery, copies of gun licences, money and other goods and the matter was reported to the police, but no action was taken.

Last month, invaders shot a giraffe “and were photographed at the scene which evidence was supplied to the police”, but they were not arrested after they claimed that the animal had been shot by hunters.

“The fact is there were no hunters on the property at the time so it was all a blatant lie, but the police and the public prosecutor who didn’t even ask the company staff to give evidence, made it glaringly obvious to anyone just how blatantly partisan your staff are with respect to protecting the invaders and the contempt in which we and our company staff are held by the police,” Ferguson said.

“The police refusal to provide assistance to the Messenger of Court who is deputising for the Deputy Sherriff in contempt of High Court orders to remove these illegal invaders further confirms police partisanship and virtual contempt for the law and our civil rights.”

However, police officer commanding Beitbridge Chief Superitendent Patrick Majuta said he was not aware of the allegations being made by Ferguson.

He said it would be illegal for them to offer the farmer escort to evict the invaders.

“We don’t give an individual escort, but if it was the Deputy Sheriff complaining we could understand because he is the one who executes court orders,” he said.

“However, I am not at work. Maybe the Deputy Sheriff came to my workplace during my absence.

“But for him (Ferguson) to ask the police to help him execute an order, it’s unlawful.

“Let him go to the Deputy Sheriff and police will be there to offer assistance.”

Police in Matabeleland South recently came under fire for failing to protect a Figtree farmer after his farm was invaded by a top official in President Robert Mugabe’s office.

Ray Ndhlukula occupied Centenary Farm in Figtree in violation of a High Court order.


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