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Kick out remaining whites — Mugabe

Kick out remaining whites — Mugabe

September 6, 2014 in News

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday said Zimbabweans should get rid of British remnants in the farming areas.


Speaking at the installation of Chiefs Alfred Tome Beperere and Johannes Kanyoka Chidziva of Zvimba at Murombedzi growth point, Mugabe said traditional leaders should not worry about land shortage as the country had enough, only if they kick out the remaining white farmers in the country.

“Chief Zvimba, musatye nzvimbo iripo (don’t be afraid, the land is abundant). We still have some of us who are hiding white farmers in the name of contract farming. Those ones, we will remove them,” he said.

“The land is ours. The British who are here should all go back to England,” Mugabe said.

He warned black farmers against harbouring whites in the name of contract farming, saying it was a “dangerous arrangement”.

“Don’t enter into contract farming with whites. It’s a dangerous, dangerous arrangement that we don’t want,” Mugabe warned.

Turning to the installation of traditional chiefs, Mugabe pleaded with Chiefs Beperere and Chidziva to unite their people as the chieftainship was laced with fights.

Mugabe, who is part of the Beperere and Chidziva clans that were fighting for the throne, conceded that that there were so many fights among members, with some going to the extent of seeking the legal route.

He urged the chiefs who were installed to work together to bring unity among the villagers and members from both families.

Due to the feud that went on for more than a decade, the families agreed to enter into a truce where two chiefs, all coming from Chief Zvimba, were installed.



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