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Milk production down

Milk production down

Zimbabwe’s milk production is in decline due to the reduction of milk 
producing cows, an official has said.
by Tony Saxon

There used to be 200 000 milk producing cows in the country but now there 
are only 38 000. Commentators said President Robert Mugabe’s chaotic land 
reform has

seen dairy farming crumbling, as the resettled farmers slaughtered the dairy 
cows to sell the meat, while others did not have the dairy farming technical 

Nestle Zimbabwe country manager, Kumbirai Katsande, said Zimbabwe should 
resuscitate the dairy industry to stimulate competition.

“This will see the steep producer price of milk which farmers are charging 
going down. The dwindling milk production over the years has caused the rise 
in milk producer prices. Our Zimbabwean milk is very expensive as a result 
we are now importing from South Africa to supplement local supplies,” he 

Katsande said Nestle’s milk processing line was running at 30 percent 
capacity utilization.

He said: “In addition to lowering production costs, resuscitating the dairy 
industry will also ensure adequate provision of some milk products which are 
currently in short supply.”


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