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Mugabe signs new constitution into law

Mugabe signs new constitution into law

By Tichaona Sibanda
22 May 2013

President Robert Mugabe has signed into law a new constitution, which was 
approved by a large majority in a referendum in March this year.

The adoption of the new charter, which was published in the Government 
Gazette hours after Mugabe assented to it, is seen as key to ending a 
protracted period of political turmoil and economic uncertainty in the 

The signing ceremony at State House in Harare was attended by Prime Minister 
Morgan Tsvangirai and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara who both 
praised the document as ‘home grown’, unlike the Lancaster House 

Some parts of the new constitution came into operation immediately after it 
was gazetted on Wednesday, and these articles will override the 
corresponding parts in the old constitution.

The rest of the new constitution will come into effect the day a new 
President is sworn into office after the forthcoming harmonized elections. 
Parts of the new constitution that are in effect from Wednesday onwards are 
contained in the Sixth Schedule of the charter.

These are chapters relating to citizenship, the Declaration of Rights, 
elections and assumption of office of the President, and the election of 
Members of Parliament.

The new set of laws aim to curb the vast powers of the President and the 
security services that have enabled decades of impunity for the ruling elite 
and encouraged a ruinous system of political patronage. The new constitution 
also provides for devolved power to often-marginalised provinces, and 
improves civil rights and women’s representation.

Despite an energetic campaign by the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) 
to reject the laws, Zimbabweans overwhelmingly approved the constitution in 
a national referendum two months ago.

The March vote was peaceful, a marked contrast to the 2008 presidential 
elections that plunged the country into chaos. Passing a new constitution 
was a key element of the power-sharing deal to end the post-election chaos.



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