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Commercial Farmers' Union of Zimbabwe

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The Bottom Line


By Richard Winkfield


From 1985 to 2000, Richard Winkfield was Director at the Agricultural Research Trust (ART), a world-ranked private research facility in Zimbabwe. During this time he wrote a regular column for The Farmer, a weekly magazine for the agricultural sector, to promote ART’s research activities and to give technical news (excluded here) and topical information. These popular articles were often preceded by light-hearted descriptions and comments on life on ART Farm and in Zimbabwe before the devastating land-reform programme overwhelmed the country. This is a selection from the 750 articles in the series.


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Innocent Victims

INNOCENT VICTIMS    Rescuing the stranded animals of Zimbabwe’s farm invasions  Meryl Harrison’s Extraordinary Story  by Catherine Buckle  In December 2002, Meryl Harrison moved a

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 “JAMBANJA” by Eric Harrison This Humorous and devastatingly poignant novel is a fact based story of a white African’s agonising battle to save his home,

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All for Nothing?

ALL FOR NOTHING My Life Remembered BY C. G. TRACEY     C G Tracey became a farmer at sixteen at the beginning of the

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