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Tobacco sales soar

Tobacco sales soar

Zimbabwe has recorded its best tobacco sales figures since the accelerated 
land reform programme began a decade ago.
by The Zimbabwean Harare

New figures from the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board show Zimbabwe sold 
140.8 million kilograms of tobacco at an average price of $3.67, resulting 
in sales totalling $517m.

The figure is well above last year’s total of $349m, and average price per 
kilo of $2.71. Three more tobacco auction floors have also opened over the 
last year, bringing the total to four floors.

Zimbabwe, once the world’s biggest tobacco exporter with 30% of global 
exports, saw sales fall from a peak of 236 million kilos in 2000 to a low of 
55.6 million kilos in 2006 as the economic effects of farm disruptions took 

The disruptions were part of President Mugabe’s “fast-track” land reform 
program, during which white owned commercial farms were seized, ostensibly 
for distribution to blacks, but which caused world-record hyper inflation as 
the economy collapsed.

The inflation made it impossible for farmers to purchase inputs such as 
fertilizer and seeds, and tobacco production went into freefall.

The introduction of the US dollar as official currency following 2008 
elections stabilized the economy and tobacco production has been rising 
since 2009, although mining is now the country’s principal foreign currency 


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