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War vets declare war

War vets declare war

By Everson Mushava, Staff Writer
Sunday, 17 July 2011 15:35

HARARE – War veterans and poor people occupying the controversial Waterfalls’ 
Nyarungu Estate which the High Court says belongs to flamboyant businessman, 
Phillip Chiyangwa have declared war on the property dealer saying they would 
rather die fighting than vacate the land.

Describing Chiyangwa as a “sheep in wolf’s clothing” the war veterans say 
the bid to remove them from their “homes” is tantamount to creating a black 
versus black farm grab.

The Daily News on Sunday last week visited the contested farm and discovered 
the determination and zeal by the occupiers to stay put.

The battle for Nyarungu Estate and the recent invasion of a farm belonging 
to Zanu PF official Tracy Mutinhiri has led to fears of a bloody black 
versus black farm invasion situation.

When the land reform programme started in 2000, it was a simple case of 
blacks taking away land from whites.

But judging by the recent land fights, it is now a case of what goes around 
coming around.

While Chiyangwa had successfully applied for an eviction order from the High 
Court, the war veterans have vowed to stay put at the disputed estate and 
promised to fight off any attempt to evict them.

The businessman is arguing that he bought the land that the war veterans 
took away. The war veterans have since registered a housing co-operative 
known as Pungwe Chimurenga and claim that the land was gazetted by 
government so Chiyangwa cannot claim it.

For the past five years, Chiyangwa had been in running battles with the war 
veterans who recently protested at  one of his companies, Jetmasters, 
against the eviction from the land they have occupied for the past 10 years.

Meanwhile, the war veterans have made an urgent High Court chamber 
application that was heard last week challenging their eviction from that 
farm which they have named “Eyrecourt Township” and judgement was reserved. 
The eviction was meant to be effected on June 14.

It was business as usual when the Daily News on Sunday crew visited 
Eyrecourt Township on Friday.

Groups of people could be seen moulding bricks to build their houses a sign 
of their determination to stay put despite Chiyangwa’s efforts to push them 

“We do not trust anyone who comes here, we need to prove if you have not 
come to spy on us,” quipped one war veteran, adding that they were prepared 
to fight everyone representing those who “wanted to grab our land.”

“Phillip hatidi kutombomuona pano (We do not want to see Chiyangwa here),” 
he continued.

But after the introductions were made the war veterans started opening up 

One of the occupiers More Everson, said  Chiyangwa barred from visiting the 

He accused him of derailing the land reform programme saying they will not 
obey any orders from anyone except Mugabe.

Showing how deep- rooted his hatred for Chiyangwa was, gnashing his teeth, 
he said, “I will do anything in my powers to stop him (Chiyangwa) from 
taking our land.

“He wants to destroy the unity of purpose within Zanu PF. He is a wolf in 
sheep’s clothing and now wants to eat the sheep. We will not tolerate that 
and let him know that we will fight him to the end,” he said.

Simbarashe Mafakadza, 26, a Zanu PF youth accused Chiyangwa of amassing 
wealth through sell-out activities at the expense of national sovereignty.

“We know him, what was he doing during the war? Even after independence why 
was he arrested? We are no stupid,” said Mafakadza.

Another war veteran said, “We are victims of Murambatsvina and after 10 
years on this farm, Chiyangwa wants to bring another Murambatsvina on us. We 
will teach him to respect war veterans,” said Brian Chirozva, another war 
veteran, pointing at the co-operative offices named after the late Vice 
President Simon Muzenda.

He said he suspected foul play in the ownership wrangle of the estate and 
questioned why local government minister Ignatius Chombo has remained mum on 
the matter.

“Chiyangwa should leave us alone. We are building our houses without any 
help from him. He is igniting another Chimurenga,” said Paradzayi Mawariro, 
a Zanu PF youth.

The leader of the co-operative refused to comment referring the Daily News 
on Sunday to the District Administrator’s office.

But in the meantime, the war rages on as the feuding parties await a High 
Court ruling on the matter.

Contacted for comment, Chiyangwa as has become the norm when probed on his 
land deals became aggressive “I do not deal with issues that are  handled by 
the court, who are you, you and your useless newspaper want  to be law unto 

You want to sell your newspapers using Chiyangwa’s headlines. Tell your 
editor to go F**k off. Do not ever call my number again”

Blacks are now turning against each other as the fight for land intensifies.

Several land disputes involving Zanu PF bigwigs, either in an attempt to 
purge some unwanted political elements in the party or through greed have 
become common.

The case of Mutinhiri is a classical example.

Her farm was invaded by war veterans last week who wanted to force her out 
of the farm allegedly under the orders of  state security minister Sydney 

The incident came just after she had completed a tour of Manicaland province 
with Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.
With the Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo describing her as a nobody, her 
fate seems to have been sealed.
Only time will tell.


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