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White farmer ‘beaten to death’ in suspected robbery

White farmer ‘beaten to death’ in suspected robbery

By Alex Bell
02 September 2011

A white tobacco farmer from Mvurwi, north of Harare, has died after he was 
apparently beaten to death in his home, following a suspected robbery 
attempt in the early hours of Friday morning.

Colin Zietsman was with his wife in their home when unknown men broke into 
the house and demanded money. The assailants then attacked the couple and 
Zietsman and his wife Tinks were both seriously beaten. Zietsman died on the 

According to the former president of the Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) Deon 
Theron, Tinks was beaten unconscious, but managed to escape the house when 
she came to. She has since been hospitalised in a serious but stable 

Theron told SW Radio Africa that Tinks is still not clear on what exactly 
happened in the attack.

“She’s obviously very traumatised. All she keeps saying is that she can’t 
believe someone could be beaten to death like Colin was,” Theron said.

Theron, a friend of the family, described Zietsman as a “typical Zimbabwean, 
in that he was salt of the earth.”

“He was a good guy, a good farmer. He’ll be remembered for that,” Theron 

Theron explained that it was too soon to question if the attack was anything 
more than a robbery-gone-wrong, but he said his friend’s death shows just 
how much Zimbabwe has changed in recent years.

“This kind of brutal and vicious attack is foreign to Zimbabwe when it comes 
to crime. We’re not like South Africa in terms of violent crime,” Theron 

He added: “So many people now think they can do what they want without 
accountability and with absolute impunity. It’s just so sad.”

Zietsman’s death comes almost a year after Chegutu farmer Kobus Joubert was 
shot and killed on his property, in what appeared to be a violent robbery. 
Thieves shot Joubert in the head, assaulted his wife and stole US$10,000 and 
mobile phones. At the time, the CFU said in a statement that Joubert’s death 
“highlights the deteriorating situation currently being faced in the rural 
farming areas. This is a symptom of the flagrant disregard for the rule of 
law in these areas over the last ten years.”


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