Commercial Farmers' Union of Zimbabwe

Commercial Farmers' Union of Zimbabwe

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Who can join the CFU?

There are four membership categories for the CFU which are outlined as follows:

  1. Ordinary Members: These are individuals, companies, co-operatives, associations of small scale farmers etc who earn their principle, or a significant income, from primary agricultural activities. The membership benefits for this category of members would include access to information, technical advice, marketing advice, legal and labour relations advice, access to relevant discounted goods and services and so forth. The Membership fee for this category is generally US $ 800 per year.
  2. Corporate Members and Preferential Trading Partners: These are Agricultural Businesses who supply or manufacture all kinds of agricultural inputs and/or equipment, or trade in agricultural commodities or provide services within agricultural value chains. The membership benefits for this category of members would include, access to information and updates about the agricultural industry, low cost networking and marketing opportunities, free or discounted advertising of products and services and so forth. The Membership fee for this category is generally US $ 1500 per year.
  3. Extended Members (ARAC): These are experienced professional farmers who are not earning their primary income from agriculture or who are farming elsewhere in Africa or the World. The majority of this category of members are those farmers who were displaced by the Land Reform Programme and who are seeking compensation for the loss of their investments. The membership benefits associated with this category of members include: access to news updates and bulletins, elderly support including distribution of food parcels and linkages to care networks, support in finding alternative employment in agriculture or agricultural related sectors and so forth. The Membership fee for this category is generally US $ 100 per year per title deed up to a maximum of $400.
  4. Affiliated Members or friends of the Union: These are individuals anywhere in the world who wish to support the CFU in attaining its objects. These members are included on the CFU database and receive all updates, news and bulletins. The membership fee for this category of member is US $ 100 per year.

Where applicant members feel the membership fee is too excessive or unaffordable, the CFU remains completely open to negotiation and flexibility. Our primary concern is to have members join us and to then capacitate them to fully support their Union. If you want to join the CFU but think the fee is too high please let us know.


Affiliated Farmers’ Unions

The Union is closely affiliated to the following regional and international Farmers Organisations: Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions (SACAU)  This link will take you

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Our Structure

The CFU members are structured in a democratic hierarchical system with district level farmers’ associations feeding into provincial structures. Alongside the provincial structures are the

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Our History

The CFU and its predecessors have been serving farmers in Zimbabwe for over 100 years. As early as 1892, the Rhodesian Farmers’ and Landowners’ Association

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