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Yet another disastrous programme

Yet another disastrous programme

November 21st, 2011

I never thought that after the lessons from the ad-hoc land reform programme 
Zimbabwe would pursue another disastrous programme, this time dubbed black 

With the ruin wrought by President Robert Mugabe’s ill advised land reform 
programme that destroyed the once vibrant agriculture sector, turning 
overnight the country from breadbasket to basket case, it is indeed hard to 
contemplate yet another similar programme engineered by the same looters who 
are now multiple farmer owners.

It’s like a drama in slow motion with an obvious tragic end; a destroyed 
economy, no jobs, no food and no money.

I am not sure what will happen to the country’s potential mining sector now 
that Mugabe and his cronies are busy looting it in preparation for the 
biggest election in their long political careers.  But I am as sure, as the 
sun rises every morning, that eventually the company grab, just like the 
land grab, will kill the country’s sick industrial base.

It will not benefit my fellow Zimbabweans who have since 1980 been 
sidelined,  even after the completion of the so-called land reform programme 
thousands of Zimbabweans are  still squashed on spent land and Mugabe and 
his cronies still cannot fathom a land audit.

No science is required to see that the same people who benefited from the 
land reform programme will also benefit from the land grab.  Even the 
vociferous war veterans are not likely to benefit and neithrer will the 
chefs, because they are not close enough to the echelons of power.

As I write this I see disaster coming to mother Zimbabwe for the same doctor 
responsible for the deaths of many is forcing himself upon us again to 
perform another surgery.

Zimbabweans will shrug it off as it happens, but when the effects start to 
take their toil then they will remember that indeed Zanu PF policies are 
self serving initiatives for political survival.

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