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Zimbabwe group investigating hunt by Trump’s sons

Zimbabwe group investigating hunt by Trump’s sons

By Reagan Mashavave (AFP) – 2 hours ago

HARARE — A Zimbabwean conservation group on Friday said it was investigating 
whether a hunting trip by US property magnate Donald Trump’s sons was legal, 
after photos of their trophies sparked outrage online.

Trump’s sons Donald Junior and Eric made a hunting expedition in Zimbabwe in 
August 2010. Their pictures went viral on social media this month, showing 
them posing next to carcasses of a leopard, an elephant, a crocodile and an 
array of other animals.

The images drew condemnation on Facebook and Twitter, where their hunting 
trip was slammed as unethical. Donald Trump Jr has insisted on Twitter that 
he did nothing wrong.

Johnny Rodriguez, chairman of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force told AFP 
that most professional hunt guides register with his organisation or with 
the government-run Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.

But he said his organisation does not have a record of the Trump brothers’ 
hunting trip.

“We have people on the ground investigating. We want to find out if the 
hunting was ethical,” he said.

“There is a lot of corruption and unethical conduct going on in the safaris. 
We want to find the truth and where the money generated from the hunting 
went to.”

“We have been told that the Trump brothers were saying they gave game meat 
to locals who were starving, that’s an insult to local people,” he said.

“These people are wealthy. If they wanted to help the people of Zimbabwe, 
why didn’t they build schools or something like that, than to say that they 
gave meat to starving people. The area they are said to have hunted is 
Matetsi and there are no people who live there.”

The trip was organised by Pretoria-based Hunting Legends International, 
which specialises in big game hunts for the wealthy.

The company has insisted that the hunt near the world-famous Victoria Falls 
was completely legal, and has kept pictures of the Trumps with their kills 
on its website.

“The entire hunt was done strictly according to the laws of the Department 
of Nature Conservation in Zimbabwe and, as is custom in these 
government-controlled areas, a staff member of the department escorted the 
hunt at all times,” it said in a statement on its website.

“The hunt was entirely legal and ethically conducted as prescribed by the 
industry norms and regulations,” it said. “None of the animals hunted were 
on the endangered species list and are plentiful in the area the hunt was 
conducted on.”

But the outrage over the hunting trip has already cost Donald Trump one 
advertiser from his US reality television show “The Apprentice”, according 
to US media.

The pictures show Donald Junior holding a knife and a severed elephant tail, 
and sitting with a rifle next to a slain Cape buffalo. The brothers are also 
seen holding a leopard carcass, and standing next to a crocodile hanging 
from a tree.

“Donald Trump Jr. your’re loser, ditto head. i’m a hunter. i hunt for meat, 
not horns. you can’t eat horns,” read one Twitter post.

“Men who hunt are not men,” read another.

“Someone needs to stop these fools, maybe even hunt them,” another said.

Donald Trump Jr has insisted the trip was legitimate.

“In the area I was in, the the wildlife board wanted to decrease the numbers 
for the benefit of the herd. Like liberal deer limits,” he tweeted. “I am 
also not going to apologize because some eco nuts want me 2.”


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