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Another white farmer evicted

Another white farmer evicted

By Pindai Dube
Tuesday, 06 September 2011 13:38

SHANGANI – A group of Zanu PF youths led by a senior Bulawayo provincial 
party member, Joseph Tayali on Friday evicted a white commercial farmer, 
Terraine Harvey, from her Esmnyangeni Farm in the  Shangani area of 
Matabeleland South Province.

When the Daily News visited Esmnyangeni Farm on Monday it witnessed that 
Zanu PF youths had camped at the farmhouse and Harvey had been evicted.

Harvey said Tayali, who had no offer letter from the Ministry of Lands, came 
with a group of youths and chased them away from the farm before breaking 
into the farm house.

“My farm has been taken over by Tayali, he has been threatening me for the 
past two months together with my workers and making life difficult for us.

“I have since removed my cattle from the farm and he has also insisted that 
I leave my farming equipment for him.
“He is doing this illegally and has no papers from the Ministry of Lands or 
the governor to support his claim, ” said Harvey while shedding tears.

Harvey also said Tayali has been sending threatening messages on her mobile 
phone and she reported this to Fort Rixon Police Station several times but 
nothing was done.

One of the messages which was sent to Harvey from a NetOne number before the 
farm takeover reads: “Will let you know when we want your farm but do not 
make mistake because my youths are watching you.” Harvey said the number 
belonged to Tayali.

Harvey’s farm manager, Ricks Kangwena who was also evicted said before the 
eviction he received a bullet which was left at the main gate of 
Esmnyangeni farm in an envelope threatening him not to block their mission 
to grab the farm.

When contacted, Tayali said: “I have my own farm in that area; I did not 
take anybody’s farm. That lady is lying and after all, that farm is not hers 
and it belongs to a war veteran whose name I can not disclose to you.”

National police spokesperson, Oliver Mandipaka referred the Daily News to 
Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson Tafanana Dzirutwe who said 
police will investigate the issue.

“I will get in touch with our Fort Rixion station about the issue,” said 

The eviction of Harvey comes just a week after another white commercial 
farmer Kenneth Barthlomew was evicted from Wakefield Farm in Chegutu to make 
way for or new farmer Felix Pambukani.

Barthlomew was evicted together with his workers.


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