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Chiredzi land seizure case postponed

Chiredzi land seizure case postponed

By Tererai Karimakwenda
18 January, 2012

The Chiredzi land seizure case involving white farmers accused of “illegally 
occupying State Land without a permit” was postponed for a period of two 
months this week, after the magistrate failed to turn up on Monday.

The farmers’ properties in Zimbabwe were confiscated illegally by the 
government, as part of the so-called land redistribution programme. But it 
is actually top officials in the Mugabe regime who are grabbing prime land, 
using violence and intimidation.

After losing all their land and agricultural equipment without compensation, 
the farmers refused to vacate their houses on the farms and are now facing 
charges of “illegal occupation”.

The group facing charges includes South African Peter Henning, Mauritian 
nationals Benoit Lagesse and Benoit Fayd’herbe and Swiss national Theresa 
Warth. Zimbabwean Robert Style is also accused of refusing to leave his 

Foreign nationals are supposed to be protected by bilateral property 
agreements signed by Zimbabwe. But this was ignored. Zim authorities also 
dismissed a ruling by the regional human rights tribunal in Namibia, which 
said Zimbabwe’s land redistribution was racially discriminatory and 
constitutionally illegal.

Meanwhile ZANU-PF chefs continue to harass the remaining white, commercial 
farmers in a campaign to grab the last few properties in the country. 
Lawless mobs are reported to be intimidating farmers and their families in 
Masvingo, the Chiredzi lowveld area and Manicaland.

The coalition government has unfortunately done nothing to stop the illegal 
invasions and bring back the rule of law and of course ZANU-PF supporters 
still operate with impunity.


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