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Congress 2014 Brochure

Please click here to open the brochure for the CFU Congress 2014 which contains all of the tabled reports excluding the one below which was erroneously omitted.


Mashonaland West (North) 2013/14 Report


The 2013/14 season was characterised by fluctuations that seemed to be at work at all facets of production on the farms. The district had long wet spells and other areas had long dry spells. The season was early in some areas and late in others. There was greater political pressure in some areas, less in others. That is not to say that there were farmers totally unaffected, I am sure every farmer on the land was affected in one way or another. Marketing and delivery of crops was smooth for some delayed and chaotic for others with the price uncertainty and the S.I. gazetted for products more recently causing an upset with contractors and growers. This has brought uncertainty into the market on the way forward and the support for farmers for the coming season. Generally there was an average to above average rain fall with timing being an issue in some cases. The dams are all generally full with little winter crops being grown. A small irrigated tobacco crop has been planted by comparison to the water reserves. Land prep for the coming year is not hugely apparent for any of the crops.


Generally there has been satisfaction shown for the past season with some very good irrigated yields of tobacco and row crops reported. Dry land was average and as always the timing of the onset of the rains being a critical aspect. Winter crops are down in hecterage with Delta cutting significantly their barley crop and farmers choosing not to move their irrigated land into wheat production. Finance being one of the reasons and the uncertainty of markets and price with the competition of imported flour causing negative pressure on wheat prices.


The commercial herd is down significantly in numbers and there is a perennial challenge with running a herd due to fences being stolen, keeping grazing intact and fires under control. There are however a few cattle producers left in the district that are committed to keeping their herds running and there are also the pedigree herds that are so important to our future in beef production.


Unfortunately there is very little production of chicken, pigs, sheep and goats. Although there is good potential for growth in these sectors this is being held back by the fact that investment is needed to boost them and the finance is not readily available. There has been serious competition from imported poultry with the imported chicken price below the breakeven price of locally produced chicken.


Sadly there were a few incidents of intimidation, extortion and violence reported in the past year. We as a community were shocked and dismayed at the attack on the Passaportis family. Well done to the authorities for the arrest of one of the suspects. The farming community implore the authorities to condemn this violence in the strongest possible way and to act strenuously to apprehend and prevent further incidence of this nature. We wish the Passaportis family a speedy recovery and hope they will be “farming  again soon!


In conclusion 2013/14 has been a reasonable season with the farmers out there continuing production under less than ideal circumstances. There are large areas of unutilised and underutilised land with irrigation that has the potential to produce this country hundreds of thousands of tons more food and exportable crops. Mash West like the rest of the country should be looking at production as our primary goal and set aside the counterproductive rhetoric and policies that are hindering the progress of agricultural production in Zimbabwe. To the farmers in Mash West and the rest of the country, well done for the production and commitment to the past season and let’s hope that 2014/15 is peaceful, productive and the rains are kind to all of us whether Commercial, A2 or A1 farmers.

Roy Linfield

Chairman Mash West (North)





CFU President Charles Taffs’s speech

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