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Eviction leaves farm workers stranded

Eviction leaves farm workers stranded

By Xolisani Ncube, Staff Writer
Monday, 19 December 2011 10:40

HARARE – The recent demolition of lodgings at Bromley Farm has left former 
workers scrounging for shelter as rains continued to pound and destroy their 

Bromley farm was once a tobacco processing concern before the former white 
owner Lombard deserted the venture to live at an old people’s home in 
Marondera leaving workers without salaries.

Lombard, instead decided to sell the property to one Samson Chauruka who is 
now evicting former workers and destroying all their lodgings.

There was mayhem at the farm as police and hired gangs descended on the 
property forcibly evicting tenants.

While it was to be a dark day for the residents, it was even bleaker for 
Kariot Tengwe (84), a blind father who has known no other home except the 

“I have nowhere to go, I do not know what these people want me to do,” 
Tengwe bemoaned while standing close to a small mud hut that was spared 
demolition after passionate pleading with the hammer-wielding gang by other 
farm workers touched by the octogenarian’s impending plight

“I first came here when I was young and I do not have any relatives in 
Zimbabwe. I wonder whether this is fair because I married from this farm. My 
children are at this farm and I do not have anywhere else to go,” a 
sad-looking Tengwe said.

While focus could be on the old man, close to 150 families faced the similar 

The families were left in the open with their children and belongings at a 
time the rain season is at its peak.

In a development viewed as a reversal of the country’s fast track land 
reform programme of 2000, the affected families’ only hope now lies on 
politicians and courts.

Scores of dejected farm workers gathered around the farm situated 46 
kilometres from Harare along the Harare Mutare road.

They had huddled together with their belongings which were destroyed by 
heavily armed police officers during the forceful eviction.

The police ganged up with “hired bouncers” to raze the farm compound to the 
ground in typical operation (Drive Out Trash/ Murambatsvina) restore order 

Like Tengwe, Laston Dinala who is also an elderly farm worker in his late 60’s 
was left stranded as he had no clue how he would provide shelter to his 
family in the wake of the current downpours.

“My belongings are now along the railway line and I have nowhere to go. I 
have worked on this farm since I came into the country from Malawi in 1963 
and I wonder if this is what President (Robert) Mugabe wants,” said a gloomy 

Tengwe’s problem is further complicated by the fact that he had no money to 
move from the farm to any place nearby.

For the past three years, these workers have not received anything from the 
farm owner and if they were to go, it meant that they would have lost out on 
their dues.

“He (Chauruka) has not paid our salaries and gratuity so we cannot go 
anywhere,” he added.

Joseph Chihuri, Zanu PF Goromonzi South youth secretary for security, said 
the move was at cross purposes with what his party leader President Robert 
Mugabe preached at the just ended Zanu PF national conference.

“It pains us to see people who have lived here for so long being evicted. 
They have put their effort to build these houses and now they have to leave 
their parents’ graves behind,” he said.

“We are in fact losing votes and this will also bring back cholera because 
there is no shelter and children will get sick,” Chihuri added.


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