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Farmers advised to plant correct seed varieties

Farmers advised to plant correct seed varieties

Harare Bureau
Farmers should plant seed varieties that are suitable for their ecological regions to optimise yields and ensure food security, SeedCo Zimbabwe managing director, Denias Zaranyika, has said.

Addressing journalists in Harare yesterday,  Zaranyika said there were concerns of food shortages in the region and that the challenge could only be alleviated if farmers increased yields by growing the right crops for their agro-ecological regions.

Zimbabwe produces an average yield of 0,85 tonnes per hectare, which is far way below other Sadc countries, with Malawi maize yields averaging 2-3,5 tonnes per hectare and South Africa at 5-7 tonnes per hectare.

“There is a shortage of food in the region. Zambia is producing its own food while South Africa is watching its exports. We should be food sufficient and this can only be achieved if we grow the correct varieties for the areas,” he said.

“The 2015/16 season is upon us and in the midst of all the challenges that we are facing in agriculture, the Meteorological Services Department has shown changes in weather patterns.

“We advise farmers to continue planting suitable varieties for their agro-ecological regions to regain the status of being the bread basket of Africa,” he said.

Zaranyika also urged farmers to take heed of weather advice from Meteorological Services Department to guide their agricultural activities.

“The MSD plays an important role in the  agricultural sector not only for advisory services to farmers but also to guide activities of seed houses,” he said.

SeedCo handed over two computers to the MSD to assist in weather services delivery.

“The MSD is an important facet to the agricultural community.

“Weather predictions generated by the department give us necessary direction for our agricultural activities.

“These predictions are not only necessary for the farmer but they are also necessary for SeedCo to know that we are giving the correct product to the farmer for the guided farming season,” he said.


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