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Free maize seed for sale

Free maize seed for sale

January 10th, 2012

The ZANU PF conference was another moment to bring amazement to ordinary 
people of Zimbabwe.

It all started with the usual noise about the revolutionary party telling 
the us how the conference is going to pass resolutions that will drive the 
party and Zimbabweans in the right direction.

I am not going to say much on the resolution but what had me laughing was 
the announcement by the ZANU PF National Chairman Simon Khaya Moyo that each 
province is going to be given six tonnes free maize seed, with each delegate 
taking home 10 kilograms .

The ululating that followed was not for the benefit of the delegate but the 
person who is going to buy these seeds.

If my memory serves me right when the most popular Governor in the 
Sub-Saharan Africa, Dr Gideon Gono was distributing free seeds, fertilizer 
and farming equipment, Zimbabwe experienced the worst period ever in the 
agric-sector with nothing being produced .

Giving a delegate free seeds does not mean a successful farming season and 
your guess is as good as mine,  this seed will be sold to some serious 
subsistence farmers who will then produce for the family only.

And just before the non-event in Bulawayo, Mugabe had also launched his 
Presidential free farming inputs campaign for his supporters.  Before they 
even left for Bulawayo it had already been “sold out”.

This clearly shows that ZANU PF will never learn from the past “Gono’s era” 
and they are living in their own world of foolishness.

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