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Gweru leases abattoir

Gweru leases abattoir | The Herald


Babbington Machingura Midlands Reporter
Cash-strapped Gweru City Council has leased out its abattoir to meat processors Koala Park Abattoir, in a bid to improve its revenue streams.

In an interview recently, Gweru’s town clerk Mrs Elizabeth Gwatipedza said the local authority had since entered into a five-year lease agreement, which is expected to generate more than $7 000 per month as rentals.

“We have entered into an agreement with one of the biggest meat supplying companies in the country, Koala Park, who are set to start their operations at the municipal abattoir, and we have agreed that they will pay $7 000 monthly in rentals,” she said.

Koala, she said, has since submitted their proposal and the deal is expected to be signed soon.

“They have submitted their proposal and we have no problems with the proposal; so we expect them to start operating the abattoir,” said Mrs Gwatipedza .

She said the move by Koala could strategically position it, especially in a province that has a lot of cattle ranching activities.

“The Midlands Province has a lot of cattle ranching activities and the company is targeting that market.

“We have said they can use the abattoir to maximise production,” she said.


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