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Man to fork out $1,000 for Illegal kudu kill

Man to fork out $1,000 for Illegal kudu kill

Richard Muponde Gwanda Correspondent
GWANDA magistrate in charge, Sheila Nazombe has ordered a 65-year-old Tuli villager to compensate the Gwanda Campfire $1,000 for illegally killing a kudu while hunting with his dogs.

Simeon Moyo of Phatane village in Tuli pleaded guilty to an illegal hunting charge.

He was also ordered to perform 140 hours of community service.

The magistrate said Campfire was also free to file a civil court application to demand compensation if Moyo fails to pay the $1,000 fine.

In his defence, Moyo said he was not involved in an illegal hunt, but realised that his dogs killed the animal.

However, in sentencing him, Nazombe said Moyo should be punished so that would be like-minded offenders respect wildlife since cases of illegal poaching and hunting were prevalent in Gwanda.

Prosecutor, Takunda Mafudze said on May 31 at around 4PM, Moyo was herding his goats in the bushes in Phatane village when the kudu appeared and mixed with his goats.

His dogs then chased and killed it.

Other villagers observed the event and reported the matter to the police, leading to Moyo’s arrest.


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