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Msipa Jnr faces fraud charges

Msipa Jnr faces fraud charges

Sunday, 13 November 2011 13:39

CEPHAS Mandlhenkosi Msipa (Jnr), the son to former Midlands governor and 
Zanu PF politburo member Cephas Msipa, will stand trial for trying to 
fraudulently acquire a piece of land in Harare’s Borrowdale area.

Msipa Jnr, who for the past years has been embroiled in a struggle for 
control of Lot J of Borrowdale Estate (Crowhill), is set to appear in court 
on November 28 to answer to charges of fraud.

He was supposed to have appeared in court on November 7 but absconded and a 
warrant of arrest was issued against him. A timely intervention by his 
defence team led to the cancellation of the warrant of arrest and a new 
trial date was set.

Msipa has since 2004 tried to evict beneficiaries of the land reform 
programme from Crowhill Farm claiming he legally owned it. However, it is 
the State’s case that Msipa unlawfully and with clear intent to defraud the 
State, misrepresented to one Joseph Munyanyi, an employee with the Ministry 
of Lands that he had a permit to acquire the estate.

It is also alleged that he went on to register the piece of land into his 
name with the Registrar of Companies using a fake permit. After making the 
false presentations, Msipa proceeded to develop the plot that had been 
allocated to two A2 model farmers.

According to the State outline, the piece of land was gazetted in 2003 and 
published in the Government Gazette for compulsory acquisition.
The farm was deemed acquired as per schedule 7 of the constitution of 
Zimbabwe Amendment No. 17.

The state alleges Msipa has continued to interfere with farming operations 
of the A2 beneficiaries through pegging of housing stands, opening up of 
roads, quarrying, sand abstraction and cutting down of trees among other 

The state also alleges Msipa’s actions are a prejudice to beneficiaries of 
the land reform programme.


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