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Prisons boss Zimondi dragged to court

Prisons boss Zimondi dragged to court

Sunday, 30 October 2011 12:16

PRISONS boss, Paradzai Zimondi has been sucked into an ownership wrangle 
over a conservancy in Kariba, amid allegations that he was benefitting 
financially, despite not being a director or a shareholder.

A retired army colonel, Thomas Ngwenya claims that Zimondi and other 
directors of the conservancy, Wesango Safaries, conspired to have him 
removed from the list of directors and this has seen him being prejudiced of 
dividends since 2004.

In papers filed before the Bulawayo High Court, Ngwenya accuses the Zimbabwe 
Prison Service (ZPS)  boss of chairing a meeting in October 2009, where a 
resolution was passed to recapitalise the company that runs the conservancy, 
an agreement which he says is a nullity and void.

Also cited in the court papers are the other directors, Agnes and Epmarcus 
Kanhanga, Richard Chingombe and the Registrar of Companies, in a suit where 
Ngwenya is demanding US$10 000.

Chingombe is an heir to the estate of Amos Chingombe and Ngwenya charges 
that his appointment was unprocedural. The defendants have since entered a 
notice to defend.

Ngwenya, who holds a quarter of the shareholding, says he has not received a 
dividend for 2004 to 2009 and only received a Mazda twin cab in 2008 as part 
of the dividend of that year.

The former military man says he was unprocedurally removed from the director’s 
list and this had seen him being prejudiced of an income, despite trying to 
solve this, he says, he was forced to approach the courts, as he had not met 
any joy.

In this regard, Ngwenya wanted the court to have his directorship restored 
and that the Registrar of Companies be compelled to include his name in the 
list of directors. He also sought to have the appointment of Chingombe as a 
director to be rescinded, as the meeting that named him was unprocedural and 
therefore, illegal.

Ngwenya also sought to compel the other directors to release management 
accounts, bank statements, financial statements, minute books and annual 
returns from 2005 to 2010.


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