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Retired commercial farmer killed in Banket

Retired commercial farmer killed in Banket

By Alex Bell
15 September 2011

A former commercial farmer from Raffingora, Mashonaland West, was shot and 
killed in Banket on Tuesday, while trying to rescue a neighbour who had been 
abducted by armed men.

Keith Nicholson, who left Raffingora to farm in the DRC and Zambia, had 
returned to Zimbabwe to retire at Mazvikadei Dam.

It’s understood that a group of four armed men gained entry to the Gold Dust 
Village at the Dam on Tuesday, pretending they were visiting a employee of 
Nicholson’s neighbour, Tim Morgan.

The men then managed to get inside Morgan’s house, where they tied up all 
the staff and ransacked the house. When Mr and Mrs Morgan returned home in 
the evening they were ambushed and tied up.

Mr Morgan was then forced into his Toyota twincab, apparently because his 
attackers wanted him to get them money from the local garage he owns.

While this was happening, Morgan’s wife was able to alert her neighbours, 
including Nicholson, who followed the stolen Toyota.

Charles Taffs, the president of the Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) told SW 
Radio Africa on Thursday that a “gun battle” then ensued with the thieves. 
Three of the group then ran into the bush away from the Toyota.

Nicholson, thinking that everyone had run from the vehicle, rushed forward 
to release Morgan. But he was shot dead by the fourth armed attacker, who 
then ran away. Morgan was uninjured.

“This is very tragic, but we feel it is a purely criminal act and not in any 
way related to the problems facing the farming community currently,” Taffs 

Nicholson’s death comes weeks after Mvurwi farmer Colin Ziestman was beaten 
to death in his home, in an attack which Taffs has said is “more than just 
mere robbery.”

“We have a very heavy wave of intimidation against our members, and it gives 
the perception that things in Zimbabwe won’t improve,” Taffs said, adding 
that the lawlessness across the country is making matters worse.

He continued: “Behind the frontline politics is a desire to sort this all 
out and create a stable environment. This is a desire across all sectors. We 
are appealing for the politicians to deal with this, because the situation 
can’t carry on like this.”


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