Commercial Farmers' Union of Zimbabwe

Commercial Farmers' Union of Zimbabwe

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Statutory Instruments 147 – 150

The below Statutory Instruments cover Customs tariffs and duties on agricultural products except Statutory Instrument 148 which covers the tariffs and duties on motor vehicles.

Please click on the required Statutory Instrument to open it.

Statutory Instrument 147 of 2014

Statutory Instrument 148 of 2014

Statutory Instrument 149 of 2014

Statutory Instrument 150 of 2014


Functions of the surveyor general

Functions of the surveyor general The Herald 9/12/2021Godknows Hofisi Cadastral system Land registration system in Zimbabwe follows the cadastral system. According to Kaufmann (1999) a

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Application of Act

Application of Act   11/7/2019 The Herald One of the inadequacies that was often cited in connection with the repealed Procurement Act (Cap 22:14) was

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