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The Tragic Death Of Keith Nicolson On 13/09/2011

The Tragic Death Of Keith Nicolson On 13/09/2011


To whom it may concern,

My name is Adrienne Hough-Bekker, step-daughter to the late Keith Alan Nicolson.  My mother is Carleen Nicolson who was married to Keith.

Due to misinterpretation of the events leading up to Keith Alan Nicolson’s death, his wife Carleen has requested that the following statement be released.  This statement has been written by Tim Morgan who was abducted and present when Keith was killed.  I wonder if you would publish this statement / blog on your website.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Kind regards


Below is a factual account of the events leading to the tragic death of Keith Alan Nicolson, as given by Tim Morgan.

Around 2pm on Tuesday 13th September, the staff at Plot 196 Gold Dust were called to the gate by a group of unknown people in a White Toyota Ipsum. The gang said they were from Chinhoyi CID investigating the report by Mr Tim Morgan regarding his stolen laptop. The men then forced entry, assaulted members of the staff and their families before tying and gagging them inside the main house. The assailants began searching the house for cash and the location of a safe, keeping to rooms not visible on entry at the front door.

Mrs Bev Morgan arrived home at approximately 5.30pm, closely followed by Mr Morgan at 5.45pm.  Both were handcuffed, hit and questioned about the safe and contents of Mr Morgan’s laptop bag. They were taken to the same room as everyone else to be interrogated.  By 8pm, everyone had been tied up in separate rooms and the assailants had loaded their car with a number of items of value and cash.

Mr Morgan was then instructed to get in the back of his twin cab as he was being taken to open the Safe at his Garage in Banket.  One of the men got in the back next to Mr Morgan holding a pistol against him, another got in to drive and the remaining two men followed in the white Toyota Ipsum.  Mr Morgan was threatened that he would be killed if he tried anything.

During the journey towards Banket there was some movement of weapons between the men in both vehicles, with an extra man getting into the front passenger seat of Mr Morgan’s twin cab.

In the meantime a member of the staff had managed to get free and race to a neighbour to alert them of the situation. Henry Allen, his son Tony, Keith Nicholson and Randy Du Rand arrived at the house, on ensuring all was ok Henry, Keith and Tony gave chase as no one was able to contact the police. In the meantime, Keith’s wife, Carleen Nicolson, had contacted someone else who arranged to get armed police to Mr Morgan’s garage.

Henry, Keith and Tony were driving towards the Raffingora Road, when they saw the White Toyota and then the twin cab heading towards Raffingora; therefore assuming the robbery had taken place and fearing Mr Morgan’s safety.  They decided to follow the twin cab, which was behind the white Toyota, but suddenly it did a U-turn and was facing them.

Henry, Keith and Tony’s vehicle stopped in front of the twin cab before it could drive off.  The two armed assailants in the front of the twin cab jumped out the car to escape and began instantly shooting at them. Henry leapt out his vehicle and returned fire whilst chasing them towards the White Toyota.  Keith and Tony also began to give chase passing Mr Morgan’s twin cab.

Mr Morgan and the third assailant were struggling to get out of the back of the twin cab due to central locking.  The armed assailant somehow managed to unlock his door when Keith, who had just passed the vehicle heard the door open and turned back towards it.  The assailant by this time was outside the vehicle and Keith grabbed him.  They were very close together when the shot that killed Keith was fired at point blank range.

The assailant ran off towards Banket whilst being chased by Tony but on hearing gun fire, Tony returned to the twin cab and immediately began administering CPR.  By this time Henry had also returned to the twin cab after running out of ammunition.

Keith was rushed to Banket District Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Three of the four assailants have been caught.  One was shot in the shoulder and was seeking medical treatment in Mvurwi and another was found dead from a gunshot wound. Two of the assailants are in remand awaiting trial.

The gang have been identified as being responsible for other armed robberies; a home in Banket and a store in Mutorashanga as well as various vehicle thefts


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