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War veterans share ‘stolen’ cattle

War veterans share ‘stolen’ cattle

Saturday, 01 October 2011 19:01

BULAWAYO — Zanu PF structures in Nyamandlovu last week allegedly shared 
cattle stolen from white commercial farmers in Nyamandlovu, Matabeleland 
North province amid reports that some of them got as much as 10 head of 
cattle each. Sources in the province said war veterans and Zanu PF 
supporters have all along been stealing cattle from white commercial farmers 
being chased away from their farms in Matabeleland’s most productive region.

Zapu national spokesperson Methuseli Moyo said members of their party in 
Nyamandlovu told them that police and veterinary officers were forced to 
prepare the paperwork that created the impression that the cattle were stray 
animals before the loot from the evicted white farmers was shared among Zanu 
PF loyalists in the district.

Moyo described the incident as stock theft.

“As Zapu, we can confirm that we have received reports from our structures 
in Nyamandlovu that Zanu PF supporters are now sharing cattle they have all 
along been stealing.
“They are hiding behind statements that these were stray cattle yet it is 
known that they are the ones who have been stealing the cattle.
“It is very disturbing. Stray cattle are auctioned publicly and not in this 
way and the local authority must benefit from the money.
“As far as we are concerned it is stock theft. Those involved should be 
arrested,” Moyo told The Standard last week.

War veterans and Zanu PF activists stand accused of invading farms primarily 
to loot property as they had no skills in commercial farming as witnessed by 
a drop in production outputs, resulting in the country surviving on food 

Most farmers have lost hope of fighting the government in a bid to repossess 
their farms or get compensation as the Sadc Tribunal, which had always ruled 
in their favour, was suspended early this year.

The Tribunal in November 2008 ruled in favour of 78 white farmers who were 
challenging President Robert Mugabe’s land reform programme on the grounds 
that it discriminated against them on the basis of race.

Mines and Mining Development minister Obert Mpofu, who is the legislator for 
the area, though confirming the development, shifted the blame to police 
saying they were the ones sharing cattle seized from white commercial 

“The only thing nearer to what I heard is that it is police officers who 
shared the cattle among themselves.

“Why don’t you call the police and find out because it is Zanu PF people who 
were complaining over that,” Mpofu said in an interview.
Officer commanding Tsholotho District, under which Nyamandlovu falls; Chief 
Superintendent Johannes Gowo however dismissed the allegations as false.
“There is nothing like that. Those are false allegations. We don’t have 
anything like that in our area,” he said.


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