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Union intensifies campaign to seize Chinoyi farms

ZANU PF union intensifies campaign to seize Chinoyi farms

By Alex Bell
29 August 2012

A ZANU PF aligned trade union group has intensified the party’s campaign to 
seize two commercial farms in Chinoyi, by threatening protest action.

The Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions (ZFTU) is reportedly mobilising farm 
workers to stage demonstrations against their white employers, allegedly 
over unfair labour practices. The campaign was launched last week and is set 
to target the farms belonging to Douglas Taylor-Freeme and Danny Bosman.

Both properties have been singled out for seizure under the unlawful land 
grab campaign, and for several years the farmers have been fighting to 
retain their legitimate hold on their properties.

The threats by the ZFTU are now believed to a fresh angle of attack by ZANU 
PF, to force the farmers to give up and hand their properties over.

Charles Taffs, the President of the Commercial Farmers Union (CFU), told SW 
Radio Africa on Wednesday that this tactic of falsely accusing the farmers 
is part of what he called active “oppression.”

“Nothing is held back when it comes to intimidating white farmers. This is a 
deliberate attack on the farmers, by making up stories for a political end,” 
Taffs said.

The land grab campaign has, since its launch more than a decade ago, 
devastated Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector and forced the country to rely on 
international food aid. The campaign has also resulted in millions of people 
losing their homes and incomes, with farm workers and thier families also 
being victimised in the attacks.

Taffs agreed that it is a tragic irony that this latest attempt to force the 
farmers off their land is being done in the name of farm workers, when the 
land grab has never benefited workers before.

“Internal displacements on farms have been in excess of a million people, 
all because of a process that services a few chefs. The country is once 
again facing hunger because there isn’t food being produced and unless the 
government puts a stop to this, then we’re going to have a critical 
situation on our hands,” Taffs said.


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