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Zinara to increase toll gates

Zinara to increase toll gates

By Nkululeko Sibanda, Senior Writer
Wednesday, 25 January 2012 12:14

HARARE – Motorists complaining about toll gates increasing their travelling 
expenses should be prepared to fork out more.

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) says it plans to increase 
more toll gates in the country to raise more cash for infrastructure 

Announcing a decision to take over collection of toll fees from the Zimbabwe 
Revenue Authority (Zimra), Zinara tolling points manager Ostern Chimedza 
said the current 22 toll gates countrywide were inadequate.

“There are areas where the tolling points are not there. We realise these 
indeed will need to have the toll gates introduced but we cannot give 
details as to when these will be put up,” he told reporters yesterday.

Toll gate fees range from a dollar to five dollars.

Zimra has been collecting toll gate fees on behalf of Zinara since the toll 
gate idea was launched in August 2008.
“It is now our intention to move in and do the collections on our own. We 
are engaging the ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development to 
take over the collection programme,” said Chimedza.

Chimedza said Zinara hoped to improve structures currently used as toll 
gates from the fees.

“What we have at the moment are tolling points, which essentially means we 
have just points where we are simply collecting our fees. Our view and hope 
is that we create better structures that can be toll gates, maybe in line 
with regional standards. It is our hope that when the time comes for us to 
collect these toll fees, we will be able to improve these structures and 
move them from their current state,” Chimedza said.

He said there were plans to take over some staffers employed by Zimra.

“We are not going to take on board everybody. Some will remain behind while 
we let some go,” he said.

According to Zinara statistics, the parastatal is collecting close to $80 
million annually.

Toll gates, per year, rake in between $17 and 18 million, with fuel levy 
bringing in about $23 million.

Vehicle licensing fees have weighed in significantly with a $24 million 
contribution, while other revenues come from transit, abnormal load, and 
over load charges.

Zimra retains 10 percent of the revenue collected from the toll fees.

Chimedza said in the foreseeable future, Zinara could consider increasing 
its tolling points.

Zinara, however, cried foul there were many defaulting toll gate fee payees 
who have claimed they are exempt from paying at toll gates.

“There are a number of defaulters that have claimed they are exempted from 
paying toll fees. It should be made very clear that the Zinara Act only 
exempts the police, the army, government plated vehicles, ambulances, Fire 
Brigade vehicles and the ones for the diplomatic service, from paying toll 
fees and not everybody else,” said Precious Murove, Zinara’s human resources 
and administration manager.


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