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Agriculture Ministry Not Backing Mugabe Farm Input Scheme

Agriculture Ministry Not Backing Mugabe Farm Input Scheme

Gibbs Dube

Deputy Agriculture Minister Seiso Moyo says his ministry has nothing to do 
with President Robert Mugabe’s $20 million farming input scheme as Zimbabwe’s 
prime minister questions the source of funding for the program.

Moyo said the president’s program is independent and is not being run by the 
state-owned Grain Marketing Board which is currently distributing limited 
maize seed and other inputs to poor households.

Mr. Tsvangirai is quoted in the independent Newsday newspaper questioning 
the president’s program which he linked to diamond revenues generated from 
the controversial marange field in Manicaland Province.

Moyo said Mr. Tsvangirai’s concerns stem from indications that the inputs 
are only being accessed by Zanu PF supporters.

Zanu PF central committee member Godfrey Malaba said party leaders are free 
to source farming inputs for their supporters.

President Mugabe’s spokesman George Charamba was quoted by the 
state-controlled media last night as saying that the inputs scheme is being 
financed by local and foreign donors who “threw coins into the president’s 
begging bowl.”

Cabinet ministers are suspected to have been involved in the looting of 
state subsidised farming inputs last crop season that were provided by the 

Vice President Joyce Mujuru in March informed President Mugabe about the 
abuse of the farm input scheme saying some Zanu-PF and GMB officials were 
believed to have
resold the inputs including ammonium nitrate and maize seed to communal

No action was taken by Mr. Mugabe though indications were that the 
Anti-Corruption Commission was investigating the issue. 


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