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Apostolic sects slammed

Apostolic sects slammed

Saturday, 21 May 2011 23:47

By Silas Nkala

SOME church organisations in the country have condemned apostolic sect 
churches and Zanu PF for turning their churches into venues for political 
The condemnation comes after Zanu PF has targeted the apostolic sects in an 
effort to boost its dwindling support base.

It is believed that Zanu PF forcibly obtained most signatures for its 
anti-sanctions petition from apostolic sect church  members. Recently state 
media reported that at least 2,2 million people had signed the 
anti-sanctions petition.

Association of Evangelicals in Africa’s Director of Ethics, Peace and 
Justice Commission in Southern Africa Patson Netha said the church should be 
a place of uniting the people from different political parties.

He said the chanting of political slogans which have characterised 
gatherings of some apostolic sects in recent months was illegal and must be 
Such activities are not only offending to some people but to God as well, he 

“The church must be for everyone so that it can deal with issues of 
injustice,” said Netha. “The Church must not take sides on any party 
Netha said the church must speak against the perpetuation of injustice no 
matter which political party is responsible.
The Zimbabwe Christian Alliance (ZCA) executive director Useni Sibanda said 
the “invasion” of the independent Apostolic Faith sects by Zanu PF was an 
unfortunate development that would infringe on the freedom of religion.

“We call upon the church leaders to maintain their credibility by not 
allowing themselves to be manipulated by politicians,” said Sibanda. “There 
is need to maintain a critical prophetic distance between the Church and the 
State. We also call upon Copac to respect the views of the Church and the 
Christian community on the separation of the state and the church.”

The Christian community emphasised during the constitutional outreach that 
the church needed to independently handle its issues through the relevant 
Church umbrella structures without the interference from the state.

Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo dismissed accusations by church 
organisations saying  they were nothing but a manifestation of jealousy over 
his party’s cordial relations with the apostolic sects.

“Any church is free to associate with any party. There is no one who should 
come between God and churches. We know they support opposition parties and 
the West. Is that what God told them to do?” asked Gumbo cynically.

President Robert Mugabe, Vice-President Joice Mujuru and Zanu PF ministers 
Webster Shamu, Nicholas Goche and former minister Amos Midzi have been 
featured on national television attending Apostolic and Zion churches 
services, where they are said to have preached their party mantra.
Zanu PF politicians  have been featured in the media wearing apostolic sect 
regalia, a move which other churches described as “blasphemous and an abuse 
of the sect’s regalia and misuse of avenues meant for worshiping God.”

Some of the church leaders have been seen chanting anti-sanctions slogans 
and encouraging their members to sign the petition.
Efforts to get a comment from the Johanne Masowe, Johanne Marange, Zion and 
other apostolic churches were fruitless.


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