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ARDA workers still unpaid

ARDA workers still unpaid

Agricultural Rural Development Authority workers at Roy Bennett’s former 
Charles Wood farm here have not been paid their wages for over five months.
by Zwanai Sithole Harare

Workers told The Zimbabwean that they last received salaries in March this 

As a means of survival, the workers have now resorted to stealing Bennett’s 
property such as vehicle spare parts, workshop equipment and corrugated iron 
sheets from workers’ cottages.

“ARDA’s workers have stripped Charles Wood farm of everything which Bennett 
left. They are not getting paid and ARDA is only running a grinding mill 
which was left by Bennett. The coffee bushes have all been cut,” said a 
worker at the farm who refused to be named for fear of victimisation.

The worker said most of Bennett’s tractors and trucks had been stripped of 
spare parts and the parts were being sold openly in Chimanimani town.

“If you want spares for UD trucks go to a person called Hazvinei Chikati. He 
works for ARDA and is selling equipment stolen from Pachedu’s farm,” said 
the worker.

Other workers said living standards at the farm had deteriorated. “The water 
system is no longer working and the pipes have been vandalised. The workers 
are now using nearby bushes as toilets,” he said.


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