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Attorney General protecting Chombo and Kasukuwere from arrest

Attorney General protecting Chombo and Kasukuwere from arrest

By Lance Guma
22 March 2012

Attorney General Johannes Tomana is blocking the arrest of two ZANU PF 
government ministers, one accused of abusing the Constituency Development 
Fund (CDF) and the other of corruptly acquiring council land, among other 

SW Radio Africa can today reveal that Youth and Empowerment Minister Saviour 
Kasukuwere and Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo should have been 
arrested when other MP’s were picked up for allegedly abusing the CDF funds.

In the last thirty days three MDC-T legislators, Marvelous Khumalo, Albert 
Mhlanga and Cleopas Machacha, plus Zanu PF’s MP for Magunje, Franco 
Ndambakuwa, were all arrested on allegations they had diverted funds from 
parliament which were meant for development projects in their 

SW Radio Africa understands the Attorney General rushed to stop the 
Anti-Corruption Commission from carrying out more arrests because two key 
individuals in the ZANU PF regime were next in line. Tomana tried to justify 
his directive by arguing that all MP’s should be audited first before any 

According to Constitutional Affairs Minister Eric Matinenga, 10 MPs — six 
from Zanu PF and four from MDC-T — failed to submit returns to prove how 
they had used the US$50,000 they had each received from the CDF in 2010. 
Concern has already been expressed that only one out of six ZANU PF 
legislators has been arrested.

We have information that alleges that Kasukuwere diverted the US$50,000 
given to him by claiming that a company owned by his sister had provided a 
‘service’ in his constituency. “The Anti-Corruption Commission has already 
completed its ‘docket’ on Kasukuwere but Tomana is sitting on it,” a source 
told us.

SW Radio Africa has in the past reported how Kasukuwere owns nine farms, 
despite claims by Mugabe’s regime that they seized white owned land to give 
to landless blacks.

Confidential documents sent to us showed how he owns part of Pimento Farm in 
Mashonaland Central, South Bamboo Creek in Shamva, Cornucopia Farm Orchard, 
500 hectares of Harmony Farm in Mazowe, Bretton Farm, Allan Grange Farm, 
Auchenburg Farm, Bamboo Creek Farm and Bourne Farm.

Pimento was seized from white farmer Oliver Newton, South Bamboo Creek from 
farmers N. Richardson and R. Morkel, while Kasukuwere reportedly seized the 
Cornucopia Farm Orchard from Interfresh in 2006. His brother Donald 
Kasukuwere also helped himself to two farms, Usaka in Mazowe, Mashonaland 
Central and Sangokwe North in Mwenezi.

In addition to the farms Kasukuwere is also involved in oil procurement and 
distribution, owning ComOil (Pvt) Ltd. He has also managed to so run down 
United Touring Company (UTC) that it is in serious financial difficulties. 
He also has substantial shareholdings in Genesis Bank and Interfresh (Pvt) 

In 2009 he was accused of trying to block fresh investment in the energy 
sector to force companies like BP and Shell to sell their assets to his oil 

Chombo’s wealth was exposed in 2010 in a messy divorce involving his wife of 
25 years, Marian. Court documents exposed the fact that Chombo, a former 
teacher, had tentacles in virtually all sectors of the economy.

The minister has interests in several farms, mines, hunting safari lodges in 
Chiredzi, Hwange, Magunje and Chirundu, as well as properties in South 
Africa. Local properties included 75 residential and commercial stands plus 
14 houses and 5 flats, all dotted around the country. Not to mention 15 

Even when a probe team of Harare City Councillors produced a report 
implicating Chombo and businessman Philip Chiyangwa in the illegal 
acquisition of council land on the cheap, the police refused to investigate 
the matter. Instead the councillors and journalists who covered the saga 
were arrested.


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