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Bigwigs under probe over inputs scam

Bigwigs under probe over inputs scam

Friday, 23 March 2012 10:02

PARLIAMENT is probing the distribution of inputs for the 2011/2012 
agricultural season as more names of influential people who used their 
political muscle to grab large amounts of inputs, particularly fertiliser, 
emerged this week.
Topping the list is Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri who 
accessed 80 tonnes of fertiliser from the Grain Marketing Board depot in 
Shamva for use at his Inyika farm while the majority of small scale farmers 
failed to get even a single bag.

A list prepared by the Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development 
ministry on how inputs under the Agriculture Loan Scheme were distributed 
revealed that Chihuri received 40 tonnes of Compound D fertiliser and 30 
tonness of AN fertiliser before accessing an additional 10 tonnes of AN at a 
later stage.

Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere accessed 24 tonnes for use at his 
Cornucopia Farm from the Concession depot, while Brigadier General Herbert 
Chingono got 21 tonnes, 12 of which were Compound D and nine tonnes of AN 
for use at Pentland Farm.

The list was handed to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, 
Lands, Water, Irrigation and Resettlement chaired by Chikomba legislator 
Moses Jiri last week. The committee as well as cabinet is probing the 
matter. The investigation comes at a time when the country is facing a 
serious food deficit. Documents show details of how inputs were distributed 
between January 2 and March 14.

Mashonaland West governor Faber Chidarikire got 60 tonnes from the Banket 
depot. He received 30 tonnes of Compound D and an additional 30 tonnes of AN 
for use at his Kingstone Farm.

Former Mashonaland West governor and Zvimba West legislator Nelson Samkange 
got 41,5 tonnes of fertiliser for Rukaba Farm.

Chief magistrate Mishrod Guvamombe got 16 tonnes of compound D from 
Concession depot for his Georgia Farm while President Mugabe’s nephew 
Patrick Zhuwao got 15 tonnes for his Diandra Farm.

Agriculture minister Joseph Made and Minister of State for Presidential 
Affairs Didymus Mutasa are among the ministers named in the inputs scam. — 
Staff Writer.


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