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Bishop Kunonga calls for more farm invasions

Bishop Kunonga calls for more farm invasions

By Tererai Karimakwenda
03 May 2012

Excommunicated Bishop Nolbert Kunonga has made headlines again, after 
reportedly unleashing a hateful, verbal attack, describing Prime Minister 
Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC-T as “satanic”, while praising Robert Mugabe 
as a “Holy” man and encouraging more farm invasions.

According to The Zimbabwean newspaper, Kunonga made the comments while 
preaching to a small “disinterested” group of ZANU PF supporters at a 
primary school in Mashonaland East, in Chief Svosve’s area. The congregation 
was said to be mostly state security agents and army officers wearing 

Ranting about the MDC-T Kunonga described party leader Morgan Tsvangirai as 
a “western puppet” and his followers as “agents of doom” who are fighting to 
reverse the land reform programme and are against the black empowerment 

Kunonga reportedly urged Zimbabweans to grab any land still owned by white 
commercial farmers, saying: “Whites like other aliens should not be allowed 
to own land and other properties in the country as they are strangers.” He 
then praised Mugabe, calling him “the Biblical Daniel, sent to suffer for 
the cause of his people.”

Political analyst Professor John Makumbe told SW Radio Africa that Kunonga 
commands no respect from ordinary Zimbabweans on the ground and is regarded 
as ZANU PF’s “spiritual clown”. According to Makumbe, services conducted by 
Kunonga these days are very poorly attended.

Makumbe said Chief Svosve is located near Marondera in the area where the 
farm invasions first began. The population there is made up mostly of ZANU 
PF supporters that would listen to anyone, if they were ordered to.

“Kunonga was there singing for his supper and they were listening because 
they know where their supper comes from too. He himself is an agent of the 
devil. The things he has done can only have been authored in hell, not 
heaven,” Makumbe said.
The professor was referring to the seizure of Anglican church properties by 
Kunonga after he split from the main church in 2009, when failing to be 
appointed Bishop of Harare. Kunonga has illegally taken many church run 
schools, clinics and orphanages, using ZANU PF thugs and support from the 

Makumbe also criticized political parties that use churches and religious 
sects as political “fishing grounds”, in order to increase their share of 
supporters. “It’s an act of desperation for political parties to go that 
route. People go to church to hear biblical messages, not political 
slogans,” Makumbe explained.

UK based Reverend Lameck Mutete agreed, saying Zimbabweans always turn to 
religion when life is hard but this should not be abused by those trying to 
recruit for political parties.

“It’s up to these religions to realize that Jesus was not in cahoots with 
the political leaders of the day. These political parties fish out 
supporters and off they go. You never see them at another service after 
elections,” Reverend Mutete said.

Regarding Kunonga’s comments, Reverend Mutete said the language itself 
“indicates he is no longer a man of God.”


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