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Commercial Farmers' Union of Zimbabwe

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Dear Farmers and Friends,

  For a long time Zimbabwe has slid towards an inevitable “tipping point”. That happened last week. The unexpected military intervention, Saturday’s mass gatherings and the continuing celebrations triggered by the eventual resignation of Robert Mugabe have literally unbound the nation. The reality speaks of a hand from above over us all and we rejoice and thank God for this.

There is an opportunity for the country to move forward and harvest a dividend of peace. This happened at Independence with the policy of reconciliation. Sadly that era came to an end and we know that the sense of betrayal was shared by many Zimbabweans across all sectors.

 The last several years have been something of a marathon and, a painful one at that, so we all look forward to a new beginning and will embrace it with optimism, albeit cautious. Whilst the people have come to the party we would want the PARTY to come to the people. Nonetheless, this is a chance for the new dispensation to demonstrate a commitment to developing sound and inclusive policies and forleadership to ensure that words and implementation are used to heal wounds, restore trust and attract investment. 

We must look at our past present and future in a contextual way. There is a clear space for each of us to introspect. We must not focus exclusively on the rear view mirror. We must honestly face the short comings and positives before and since independence, to do otherwise denies Zimbabwe the chance of a broad and inclusive vision moving forward. Forgiveness… by that we mean giving up the right to resentment towards past hurt and taking steps to forge a different relationship with both the hurt and the persons responsible. For some this needs to be given, for others received and for others sought.

For 120 years, land and race and the politics of exclusion have been at the centre of conflict.  The people of Zimbabwe have shown that they are ready to embrace each other and our diversity, and move forward. Perhaps this was not really there at Independence. It is there now…  This is something that we and our leaders and our partners should recognise and use. We do not look for a calm, simply facilitated by the suspension of force, but an enduring real peace where people’s lives move forward without fear and where economic, social and political rights are guaranteed.

 From an exclusively agricultural point of view, whatever course or approach is taken there can be no solution without a return to the rule of law, a clear process that settles fair quittance for dispossessed farmers and that empowers and encourages agricultural investment and the involvement of competent farmers. We suspect that there are sectors of government that fear a whole scale return of whites to the land, something that is simply not possible, or a never ending recourse to legal action. We know that most simply want to move on following a fair settlement based on international norms, and for others, including the younger generation, there is a renewed enthusiasm to help rebuild the country as equal and skilled citizens.

 We pray that Zimbabwe, its people and government as well as our friends and partners in the international world are able to find balance and focus on the common good in the days, months and years ahead. Let us give the new leadership a fair chance and not pre-judge the situation. There is certainly plenty of historical evidence that signals caution and concern, but the context is very different now. Principally the people have spoken, the pendulum had swung so far into corruption, nepotism, racism, inequality, poverty and lack of opportunity and even hope, that there is a real sense of rejection of those ‘norms’ in the new Zimbabwe. Without a return to the rule of law and respect for the dignity of all people, and a leveling of the political landscape ahead of another general election, the international community is unlikely to engage and the economy will have little chance of the desired recovery. Without a change in the economic circumstances of the ordinary person, the current leadership will be hard-pressed to persuade – freely and fairly- the electorate to support their bid in the next election.

As CFU we commit ourselves to this constructive endeavour on behalf of members past, present and future as we organize, explore and engage on the way forward towards true peace and national recovery and prosperity.

Yours Sincerely,


The President, Council and Management CFU.


Open Farmers Meeting 30th November, 2.00 pm.

 We will be holding   our last Open Farmers’ Meeting for 2017 this Thursday 30th November at 2.00pm. This will be followed by a BRAAI and social and we would invite you to join us if you are able. We hope to see many of you including wives and younger folks.

Please email expected numbers to: CFU Market Research [email protected] to assist with catering arrangements.




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