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Chombo is stealing our land: resettled farmers

Chombo is stealing our land: resettled farmers

Resettled Model A2 farmers have accused Minister of Local Government, Rural 
and Urban Development, Ignatius Chombo, of abusing his political muscle to 
wrest land from them.

by Thabani Dube

Lot J of Borrowdale Estate-Crowhill Farm, a 657.7 hectare plot was taken 
from its legal owners in 2003 and subdivided between a war veteran, Cynthia 
Maadza ( 416.25 ha) and James Kamusikiri (240.45 ha) under the corrupt and 
chaotic land “resettlement” programme.

Maadza alleges that Chombo has an interest in the farm. A visit to Lot J 
Estate by The Zimbabwean revealed that the farm was being developed into 
residential stands, with construction already under way by West Properties, 
which is linked to Themba Hlongwane whom the aggrieved land owners say has 
received the green light from Chombo to develop the disputed land.

A letter from Chombo in 2009 to Hlongwani says: “The ministry supports your 
proposal to embark on a housing project at Lot J of Borrowdale Estate 
Township in partnership with West Properties (Pvt) Ltd. By copy of this 
letter, the Department of Physical Planning and Goromonzi Rural District 
Council are advised to facilitate implementation of the project.”

“This is my land which I was officially given by government as a freedom 
fighter, but Chombo wants to take it for himself and his pawns,” said 

She claimed Chombo had teamed up with the late Vice President Joseph Msika’ 
son Cephas, Ozias Bvute and Hlongwane, who claims bought the farm from the 
former owner Woodhouse, despite it being gazetted as state land.

Maadza alleged that Chombo was colluding to sell 20 stands in Crowhill that 
his estranged wife Marian had listed as those she wanted a share of in the 
couple’s divorce settlement.

“I do not know where Chombo is getting his powers from. I met the President 
Mugabe last September and he reiterated that he does not want his people to 
be traumatised by anyone. The High Court proved that we are the rightful 
owners of this land. No letter of withdrawal of my ownership has ever come 
from Chombo’s ministry or that of Lands and Rural Resettlement,” said 

Chombo denied owning any stands at the farm. “A lot of malicious statements 
have been said about me over ownership of land. What I do as Minister of 
Local Government, Rural and Urban Development is receive applications for 
land from city councils for expansion. I then facilitate the process 
following the law which permits me to engage the Minister of Lands and Rural 
Resettlement, Herbert Murerwa, who then looks into available land and 

“This woman must engage Murerwa’s ministry which allocated her land and ask 
them why they handed it over. I do not give people land and, after all, we 
have been taking land from the whites and what can stop us from taking hers 
for urbanisation,” said Chombo. 


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