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Concern for Matabeleland wildlife affected by coal mining

Concern for Matabeleland wildlife affected by coal mining

By Alex Bell
04 May 2012

Concern has been raised about the threat facing wildlife areas in 
Matabeleland North with warnings that increased coal mining activity in the 
area is having a negative impact there.

The Gwayi Valley Conservation Area has expressed fears that that the 
establishment of coal mines will affect not only the wildlife but also the 
tourism generated by the wildlife.

This is not the first time the group has raised concerns about the affect of 
coal mining and in 2010 it sounded the alarm when the government allowed the 
Liberation coal mine to start operating. The mine, situated in the Hwange 
National Park and Binga areas, was ordered to stop operations last year 
because of the risk it posed. Local groups also campaigned against the mine 
because it was operating without an Environmental Impact Assessment 

It has now been reported that another coal mining company, China Africa 
Sunlight, has also started operating without an Environmental Impact 
Assessment. The Gwayi Valley Conservation Area’s Chairperson, Mark Russell, 
is quoted as saying that an initial consultation was not done with the 
organisation before the new mine was given clearance to start operating.

“It is clear that no Environmental Management Agency regulations were 
followed and no documentation is in place. We don’t see how the wildlife 
producing farms will co-exist with mining activities and this will 
definitely result in conflict,” Russell is quoted as saying.

Twenty different mining companies have been given concessions to prospect 
and mine for coal in Matabeleland North. Since the mines started to operate 
there have been increases in the pollution of boreholes and also wildlife 
water holes.


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