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Constitutional input flawed – Mwonza

Const input flawed – Mwonzora

Written by Tavada Mafa
Saturday, 26 March 2011 12:43

HARARE – Zanu (PF) used the time when COPAC chairman Douglas Mwonzora  was 
in jail to tamper with input from the diaspora on the new constitution.
Mwonzora has confronted his Zanu (PF) counterpart Paul Mangwana over the 
deliberate exclusion of four key areas in the data uploading process, and 
says he very much doubts that it is possible to meet the October referendum 
deadline. In an exclusive interview with The Zimbabwean Mwonzora said he had 
refused to sign a report compiled by Mangwana and Edward Mukosi from MDC-N.

“They want us to sign stating that the data uploading stage is complete. I 
discovered that during my time in custody they deliberately skipped these 
areas because they do not have the support in the diaspora. I am ready to be 
thrown back into remand over this.

“I also discovered that my colleagues now want us to rush into the thematic 
committee meetings without completing the uploading stage.  I doubt very 
much if we are going to meet the October referendum deadline.”



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