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Dairibord unveils new product line

Dairibord unveils new product line


Mr Antony Mandiwanza

Business Reporter
Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited has unveiled a new product line to exploit an opportunity identified in the market and to increase the contribution of non-milk products to the group.The new product called Dairibord Pfuko/Udiwo Maheu falls in line with its “More Than Just Milk” strategic thrust. Pfuko/Udiwo Maheu is a nutritious and filling beverage ideal for the health conscious consumer.

It has a six months shelf life and can be stored at ambient temperatures, which will see it being distributed  and made available right across the country.

This follows the commissioning by Dairibord this month of its Harare plant new product line plant in a bid to increase volumes and reduce the cost of production.


Dairibord chief executive Mr Anthony Mandiwanza said this month that the new plant was part of the $10 million capital expenditure for refurbishment and installation of a total of five plants expected to drive volumes, enhance efficiency and cut costs of operation.

The introduction of the new brand is in line with Dairibord’s commitment to providing consumers with nutritious food and beverages for the sustenance of good health.

The name Pfuko/Udiwo Maheu is derived from Shona and Ndebele words meaning “pot” and it symbolises the traditional brewing process and storage of Maheu.

The name resonates with what the brand stands for which is why it has adopted a traditional name to refresh consumers with a nutritious and healthy beverage.

The product comes in two pack sizes, 350ml and 500ml. Unlike most offerings on the market which are only sealed with a foil, Pfuko/Udiwo has  got a foil and a screw on cap for the safety and added convenience of consumers.

Dairibord Pfuko/Udiwo Maheu will be available in different flavours namely Traditional, Banana, Strawberry and Vanilla.  It comes in the following pack sizes:  12 x 500ml,   6 x 500ml, 12 x 350ml and 6 x 350ml.


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