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Dam levels decline

Dam levels decline


The Chronicle

Charmaine Brown, Harare Bureau

The water level in most of the country’s major dams has declined by about 0,45 percent to 66,1 percent.

Zinwa corporate communications and marketing manager Mrs Marjorie Munyonga said despite the decline, most dams still had sufficient water to meet the country’s irrigation and domestic requirements.

She said Mazowe Dam, which provides water for irrigation and domestic use, had the highest level at 100,2 percent.

“Bangala Dam in Runde catchment which is used for irrigation purposes has the lowest percentage of 17,1 percent,” she said.

“Gwayi catchment has a dam level average of 62,1 percent, while Manyame catchment has an average dam level of 88,7 percent, with Karoi Dam having the lowest percentage of water.

“The country has been receiving below normal rains in some areas so far and the demand for irrigation water is likely to increase in the coming months as some farmers will be supplementing their rain fed crops.”

Mrs Munyonga said only agreement holders will have water reserved for them in the dams.

“The rise in temperatures triggers high water demand and Zinwa continues to appeal to water users to conserve the available resource,” she said.

“Raw water users are also reminded that using such water without the required documentation constitutes a criminal offence and offenders are liable to prosecution.

“Zinwa implores all current and prospective raw water users to ensure that they obtain water abstractions agreements as required by the Water Act.”


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