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Death Notice of Malcolm Francis and brutal murder of daughter, Catherine

Death Notice of Malcolm Francis and brutal murder of daughter, Catherine

via Death Notice of Malcolm Francis and brutal murder of daughter, Catherine. | The Zimbabwean 26.05.14

We need to stop the needless deaths in our country that is so desperate for a way forward. Use of violence has proven not to give sustainable advantage to anyone and has dragged our beautiful country down. – Arnold Tsunga

Why in the Lords name should this country continue to shed blood of innocent hardworking people. I hope the murders rot in hell. – Angela Adams Wagoneka

I did not know this man but the report has saddened me. What senseless brutality is happening in Zim & in SA every day. May God comfort & surround the family & friends with His love. – Cynthia Ross

RIP Such sweet and heartfelt comments. Sad day in Zim. Peace. – Meryl Holderness Grimsinger

Iam angered by such behaviour. After so long we still cannot live together in peace?! Rip Malcom, bt u and Cathy will not go unavenged. Karma is for us all. – Chichie Ntandoyenkosi Sibanda

This is clearly an act of state sponsored-violence. It’s difficult to imagine that Zanu is not involved especially given their past n present records. It’s a shame that those who are in power are now using their mighty to commit ultra-judicial executions. People are losing life needlessly; some coz they belong to a different creed; color, race or political persuasion. We condemn such. – Farai Matinhure

How terribly sad, deepest sympathy to all Zimbabweans who want to live peacefully, this is a tragedy and puts Zim back years again…. – Jacquie Veasey

Great men that touch thousands of lives one seldom meets it is with much sadness that l had to say sorry to family and friend of you Mr rest peacefully Our prayer God will answer. – Itayi Tachi


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