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FAO, EU Agree with Zimbabwe to Help Small Farmers

FAO, EU Agree with Zimbabwe to Help Small Farmers

2012-05-13 02:29:55     Xinhua

The Zimbabwean government has signed with the EU and FAO an agreement to 
assist small-holder farmers in the country to improve agriculture 
productivity and produce marketing, state radio said on Saturday.

Under the agreement, over 20,000 small-holder farmers will receive technical 
support, training and capacity building to enable them to realize maximum 
productivity from their land.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Country Representative in 
Zimbabwe Dr Gaoju Han said the project is a result of lessons learnt over 
the last five years which realizes that if given all the support communal 
farmers can contribute significantly to food production in the country.

Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mechanization and Irrigation 
Development Seiso Moyo welcomed the agreement which he said is of paramount 
importance for a nation that is built on an agriculture driven economy.

European Union (EU) Head of Delegation in Zimbabwe Aldo Dell’ Ariccia called 
for the need for such programs to be channeled in line with government 
policy so that they do not run parallel to the laws of the land.

Communal farmers used to contribute more than 80 percent of the country’s 
food produce and experts say that if given sufficient support, the sector 
remains key to taking back the country to its former bread basket status.


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