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Govt orders eviction of new farmers from Burma Valley

Govt orders eviction of new farmers from Burma Valley

Monday, 27 February 2012 11:16

BURMA VALLEY — Fifty-three illegal settlers, who claim to be A1 farmers, 
were last week served with eviction notices to vacate the two farms they 
occupied during the chaotic land invasions.

The settlers, who invaded Burma Park and Lot 2 of Burma Valley in 2000, were 
ordered to leave the two farms by the end of April this year. For a long 
time, the settlers have been defying government orders to vacate after they 
were offered alternative land elsewhere.

Officials from the Ministry of Lands in Mutare said Burma Park was not 
suitable for A1 farmers because it is a water catchment area. They said 
people would cause massive siltation of Nyamakari River and speed 
desertification of the whole of Burma Valley.

The farm was therefore recommended for A2 resettlement and allocated to five 
beneficiaries. But the settlers are accused of disrupting farming operations 
by moulding bricks; stealing the fence and other valuable property belonging 
to the A2 farmers.

Daniel Kaswa, who is representing the families, vowed not to vacate the farm 
arguing that they were instructed by a spirit medium to stay put. Mutare 
District Administrator, Simon Sigauke, confirmed to The Standard that the 
families were served with eviction letters.

“Yes, I can confirm that the families were served with the eviction letters 
and they were given up to 30th April 2012 after they have harvested their 
crops. We will act on them if they refuse to vacate,” said Sigauke. “As of 
now, I cannot pre-empt what action we will take. We have allocated them 
another land elsewhere but, they are refusing to go. We will deal with the 
situation when the time comes.”


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