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Inputs scam: GMB bosses summoned

Inputs scam: GMB bosses summoned

Friday, 30 March 2012 11:28

Owen Gagare

THE Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Agriculture, Lands, Water, 
Irrigation and Resettlement has summoned Grain Marketing Board managers to 
shed light on the looting of inputs by ministers and other high-profile 
The committee is investigating the extensive looting of inputs, especially 
fertiliser, and believes GMB managers are withholding vital information to 
thwart its probe.

The committee initially last month asked GMB to provide details of how 
inputs for the 2011/12 agricultural season were distributed but believes the 
parastatal sent scanty details to shield ministers and top officials 
implicated in the scandal.

Investigations into the scandal were instituted following widespread 
complaints that ministers, senior government officials, MPs and service 
chiefs, among others, had looted inputs, leaving ordinary resettled farmers 
with nothing. Although the GMB had given the portfolio committee a list of 
beneficiaries of the heavily subsidised inputs, the portfolio committee was 
not satisfied with the details because information from some depots was 
missing following allegations that most chefs acquired inputs from Aspindale 
depot in Harare.

Committee chairman and Chikomba MP Moses Jiri confirmed that legislators 
were unhappy with information they had so far been furnished with by GMB.
“They gave us reports but we failed to get adequate information and in some 
instances there appear to be inaccuracies,” said Jiri. “They did not avail 
some information from some provinces and depots such as Aspindale where we 
are told some people got huge amounts of inputs. We want them to explain why 
they did not give us all the information,” he said.

The committee was given a list of beneficiaries from January 2 2012 and does 
not have information about those who acquired inputs from December 28 last 
year when the Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development ministry 
gave the GMB a directive to distribute inputs.

A member of the committee said information from Aspindale was critical 
because some individuals were said to have taken huge amounts of inputs at 
the depot before collecting more from other depots.

Details from some depots in Manicaland, Mashonaland East and Harare were not 
available. GMB spokesperson Muriel Zemura said she was not aware that her 
bosses had been summoned.


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