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Kasukuwere’s Indigenisation Kills – Bennett

Kasukuwere’s Indigenisation Kills – Bennett

By Business Reporter

Published: December 6, 2012

The MDC-T party’s economic policy, known as Jobs, Upliftment, Investment, 
Capital and Environment (Juice), officially launched in Harare by party 
leader and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai last week, has taken a new twist 
with the party labelling ZANU PF’s indigenisation drive an angel of death.

The MDC-T party’s JUICE is expected to serve as a working alternative to 
Zanu PF’s indigenisation policy spearheaded by Indigenisation Minister 
Savior Kasukuwere at a time when the latter described Juice as a “stale 
plan”. MDC-T’s spokesperson Douglas Mwonzora has in turn labelled 
Kasukuwere a “perennial failure.”

This week, the MDC-T party’s ambassador to the United Kingdom took stage to 
further ambush Kasukuwere’s policy saying that ‘it kills.’

Below is his critique:

Friends, Zanu-PF is making a lot of noise at the moment about 
indigenisation. But understand this: indigenisation kills.

‘That is an extreme statement’, I hear some of you thinking. Yet I am not 
exaggerating. Indigenisation kills because it places national wealth in the 
hands of a few and takes it out of the hands of the many.

Indigenisation Kills – Roy Bennett
This money should be going to places like our hospitals. If you have a loved 
one who has died because of inadequate medical facilities, it is because the 
money that should be going to Treasury is being stolen before it gets there.

Zimbabwe is a rich country, but the wealth is not being used for 
development. Where there is rule of law, companies are taxed and the 
proceeds are used to maintain public services.

Sadly, the nation’s wealth is currently being carved up and fed to the 
Zanu-PF patronage machine. I am not against some monies going to local 
community trusts. But even here the lion’s share must go to the Treasury so 
that it benefits Zimbabwe as a nation.

And there must be full transparency at every step of the way. The 
beneficiaries at local level must be known to all and the way the money is 
spent locally must be accounted for. Likewise, company revenues must be 
known and they must be seen to be paying all taxes that are owed.

We cannot have a situation where Zanu functionaries get in a smokey room 
with target companies and cut deals whose details are hidden. This is theft. 
As we speak, billions of dollars are being taken out the back door. Billions 
that could be used to heal our people, to heal our economy, to breath life 
and hope into our nation. – Roy Bennett 


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