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Klein Karoo targets 1 000 tonnes grain seed

Klein Karoo targets 1 000 tonnes grain seed

August 22, 2014 

SEED company Klein Karoo Seed Marketing Zimbabwe is targeting to sell 1 000 tonnes of grain seed to the market for this farming season, a company official has said.


Klein Karoo Seed Marketing Zimbabwe started operations in the country last year and the company specialises in the production of high quality vegetable, pasture, grain, legume and flower seeds.

In an interview with NewsDay, the company’s sales and marketing agronomist Beauty Magiya said since its year in the market, seed uptake has been good.

“Since we commenced our operations, the uptake of our vegetables has been good with our distributors being Farm and City, Sharlom and Agricura. Farmers are really taking our seed and they are getting good results from the seeds, looking at the yields, germination and the purity,” Magiya said.

“But on the uptake of grain seeds and legumes, we will be able to give an update after the season because right now we are still to distribute the seeds. Looking at the grains, we are looking at about 1 000 tonnes that will be sending out to the market.”

Magiya also said the company had put in place an initiative with Zimbabwe’s agricultural extension service Agritex to train farmers around the country.

“This year I can say basically we will be coming with our demos for all the varieties that we have. We will be targeting Harare, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West and Mashonaland Central to do training and exercises and also farmers will have a hands on feel of our seeds variety.

“For other provinces like Masvingo, we will be targeting a small group of farmers, but were we are intensively doing the training in the four provinces mentioned earlier,” Magiya said.




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